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Play audio announcement on panels




I'm very new to C4 (2.8.2). I've been looking for an answer about this everywhere without success. Is there any way at all to play a sound on panels when an event occurs? For example, I'd like all panels to make a beep when the garage door opens. With the announcement agent I manage only to show a text message, but no sound.



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I don't think you can easily do this... Would be nice though!

One can do a few things but they really are fiddles...

1. One can Initiate an intercom call from another touchscreen and thus cause the panel to ring... Definitely not ideal for your purposes although I use this (initiating from a panel hidden in my rack and the use of an alternate camera to give me notifications of - and camera view of - a door bell push at my complex gate which is totally outside my C4 system.

2. I suspect that one could set up a fake Doorstation (or the like) and programaticly cause a door bell push which will cause the touch screen to chime... This would be more like what you want but I have never tried it, so I have no idea if it works!

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