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Email snapshot from Doorstation


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I have a older door station. Here is what I wanted to do:

Event: Someone presses the alarm on door station


1. Email a picture of the person with the door station. 

2. Send a text of the picture to cell phone. 

For me this is a simple expectation that we need notifications with the picture when someone presses the doorbell.

There are several cheap cameras that can do that. Can control4 do this and if so, how can this be programmed?




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-------- Email --------

The Control4 DS2 Door Station has the ability to send email notifications with camera snapshots based upon any event that might occur in the Control4 system.  Typically, this might be tied to a motion-detected or a motion-not-detected event from the Control4 DS2 Door Station.

Below are some configuration examples for common email providers:

Gmail SMTP settings

    Log into a gmail account and navigate to the security settings.
    Enable the "allow less secure apps" setting.

1.    1.    Log in to gmail account.
2.    2.    Navigate to "My Account".
3.    3.    Enter "Sign-in and Security" settings.
4.    4.    Enable "Allow Less Secure Apps" near the bottom of the page.

    SMTP Server Address: smtp.gmail.com
    SMTP Server Port: 587

Yahoo SMTP settings

    SMTP Server Address: smtp.mail.yahoo.com
    SMTP Server Port: 587

Outlook SMTP Settings

    SMTP Server Address: smtp-mail.outlook.com
    SMTP Server Port: 587

SMTP Server Username
    This configures the username needed to log in to the email server.

SMTP Server Password
    This configures the password needed to log in to the email server.

SMTP Server Address
    This configures the email server address.

SMTP Server Port
    This configures the email server port.

Email Sender
    This configures the email sender that will show where the email is coming from.

Email Recipient
    This configures the address to be used as the destination of the email notification with snapshot(s).

Email Subject
    This configures the subject of the email.

Email Body
    This configures the body of the email.

Number of Snapshots
    This configures the number of snapshots captured before and up to the email is triggered to be sent.

Snapshots Timespan (s)
    This configures how far back in seconds to start taking snapshots. The DS2 will take (Number of Snapshots) snapshots evenly spaced apart starting (Snapshots Timespan (s)) seconds ago up to when the email was sent. Note that snapshots cannot be taken more than once per second. Example: If Number of Snapshots is 5 and Snapshots Timespan (s) is 20 seconds then you will get a snapshots at 20, 15, 10, 5, and 0 seconds.

Snapshot Resolution
    This configures the image resolution that is used to generate the snapshots.

Send E-mail at
    This determines under what circumstances an email will be sent.


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