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Which Audio / Video Swtich do you use ?


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We would love to hear feedback from users and dealers about Audio/Video Swtiches ? (say for 4-6 inputs)

- Manufacturer and model of switch.

- Type of wires (component / Cat 5) to each TV

- Integrateion with C4

- Cost


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I use a switch I got brand new online for $425 +shipping. I was reluctant because I had never heard of them, but it has been great.

It is made by shinybow. It is rack mountable and has IR and RS232 controls.

It has 6 inputs and 4 outputs. It does component video and stereo audio. I will be adding a switch that support digital audio when the basement gets done, plus this switch is all maxed out. It is the SB-5564. It has been great.

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Yeah I know, but remember, I'm just the lowly Tech of a Dealer. Although if I go to the owner and say "HEY! I need THIS"... I will get it. But otherwise he seems to have an attachment to all the brands that he's used to. I specifically can NOT get him away from his speaker line even though there is much better quality at the same price points.

Anyway that's why I said been looking at others. I do get commissions, so the better profit margins are attractive to me as well. I'll be needing one 8x for my next project, and NeoPro Concord would fit perfect.

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Definitely take a look at NeoPro. Key Digi has been ripping your owner off for years!! They are way too expensive for the features and if I recall, the last time I used one, it went bad with no explanation as to why.

Thanks. I may just print this out and hand it to him :lol: (<<<no really)

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