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I am about get a renovation done where we are changing a room which will have a U shaped bay of windows. I want to install motorized C4 integrated blinds (probably vertical, but havent decided). I want to, however, pre wire for the drapes.

What do I need the contractor to run so it is ready to go when I decide what type of drapes I want...


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I've been chasing this for a while and have learned that every manufacturer and sometimes their different models seems to need different wiring. Some 110VAC, some 24V run over 18-2 wire, some Cat5e for control, etc. So I ended running a 1" conduit through the ceiling to a nearby closet that is accessible to my equipment room, so that I can run the correct wires when I finally decide on the blind supplier. If that's possible you can deal with the wiring later. If not, if you run all 3 types that should do it. I did run some of each just to hedge my bet.

BUT if the blinds don't operate all at the same time, you might need additional wiring for each group.

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It all depends on the manufacturer, type of blind, measurements, etc.

Bebster's conduit comment is right on the money if you don't know exactly what type you will be installing.

I'd go a bit further and recommend smurf tube to each window area so you have plenty of options when choosing blinds. Some will daisy chain, some will not, so having per window access will increase your manufacturer options.

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