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screwless wallplates for c4 dimmers / switches


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I think Lutron plates are the most common replacement. We used them throughout and I like them much better than the C4 stock ones. Also, since the C4 ones are single-gang only (afaik) if you have multi-gang groups and want your plates to match, you probably need to switch to something else like Lutron.

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Sorry. That's what the AFAIK (as far as I know) part was for. But single-gang is what came with the switches, so one way or another we were going to end up buying a lot of extra wall plates. And since the outlets were all going to have the Lutron faceplates I thought it looked much better to have the wall switches match the outlets.

But at the end of the day I simply think the Lutron plates are nicer looking. They're glossy, brighter, a bit cleaner looking. If someone else prefers C4 ones, though, and wants to buy about 100 of them, PM me. :D

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Sorry, Lutron has tons of colors. Anyone know which one matches the C4 white almond?


Did you mean 'light' almond? Because that is quite popular, around here at least.

These under 'Soft Matte Finish' would most likely be close... http://www.lutron.com/products/ColorsOfLutron.aspx?pid=SoftMatte

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