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DS2 vs DS2 Mini user experience

Derek D


I'm building a house and looking to get a control4 door station. I was leaning towards getting a lock without keypad (Baldwin has one) and get a keypad on the door station. I think that would look nicer. I've never used the control4 software though, can I create "users" with unique codes in the door station, and use the logic "if valid user code, unlock door"? I watched a video about adding users to a lock, with time restrictions and such, would that work the same using a door station with a code? I'd like to be able to add users on the fly and get a log of who opened the door when. 

Or from a user experience perspective, am I just better off getting the DS2 Mini and a door lock with a numpad? I gotta say I'm not a fan of the kwikset style code entry with only 5 buttons. A 4-digit code only has 625 possibilities. If I had 4 unique users, the on average I only have to try 156 codes before I find one that works. 


Thanks ahead of time for the advice!

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correct the and the programming is fairly easy to do too, just time consuming more than anything and not as nice as the lock is being that you can do it inside the control4 app. 

also be aware there will be a delay for the lock to respond as it is a sleepy zigbee device. Not sure off the top my head if that can be adjusted on the locks to make them more responsive.


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I went the route to DS2 mini, and am putting a zigbee lock WITHOUT keypad on. I want to be able to unlock the door with the C4 Anywhere intercom app. If I want to give someone access to the house without me being involved at all, I'll do so using the garage door code. 

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