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Hi all,

I am probably being a complete idiot so excuse the question. I have a notification setup that takes a snapshot of the front gate. So when the gate opens sends me a notification with the snapshot.

Two questions:

  1. What is the requirement for the snapshot to be attached. I have about 13 cameras however it only picks up two to be able to snapshot.
  2. I get the notification and snapshot attached perfectly. Comes up as a notification on my lock screen, when I select it opens the iOS app, but then I just go to the room I was last in (which is the setting) - I don't see any notification info (snap shot etc) in the iOS app.
    1. Not sure if its suppose to do that and only show a iOS notification and not further details in the iOS C4 3.0 app?

Would appreciate the clarification

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I have the "Attach Snapshot from a camera enabled" and it works well but there two questions

  1. In iOS the notification does pop up in the notification menu, if you select it, it opens up C4 iOS app but doesn't show anything.... was wondering if it was suppose to.
  2. I wanted to check what the camera requires to popup in the notification menu for snapshot URL. I have four out of 12 cameras that have this option so I was wondering what the differentiation was 
    1. The cameras that do is Wyze with @alanchow
    2. The cameras with the BlueIris driver, these don't show up for a snapshot URL in the notfications selection

The snapshot url in the test works. Not sure if there was suppose to be a variable exposed so the notfications could use it or not.

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