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I just wanted to give a shout out to their GREAT customer service. There are many outfits out there that make all sorts of drivers. But not every company provides customers service at the level of what I just experienced. 

I have a Vantage Qlink system which is a bit outdated, but luckily I found a driver made by @Cinegration to hook it up to my C4 system. It's worked great for over a year. Then OS3 came and something in the update broke a main feature of the driver. I contacted Cinegration and they responded FAST. They worked with me over the next week to troubleshoot and fix the issue. The issue was a bit tough to pinpoint, but they went as far as having a phone call with me to help diagnose and remote into my system. Then they fixed it and it now works great again. I know it might sound like this is just "how it should be". But in my experience, good customer service like this is a rarity. Especially considering this is an OLD driver of theirs that I am guessing isn't even used by many people anymore.


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Hey Timelinex! 

Thanks for the shoutout and review of our customer service! Timely responses and providing solutions are very important to us, and we're so glad to hear that you were pleased with your interactions with Cinegration Development. We strive to make each driver we create the best that it can be, and as so many of us in the industry know, OS3 greatly affected how drivers previously interacted with Control4. We were happy to make any necessary updates to our driver so that dealers who use our products experience consistent driver performance and reliability. We hope to continue to serve you and other dealers alike with top-notch customer service!



The Cinegration Development Team

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