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New Araknis Equipment


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10 hours ago, chapter said:

Anyone try the new routers yet? Or even the new switches? Any thoughts? The specs look nice but Araknis has a rough reputation I feel like.

I would say the industry general dislike for Araknis is not specific to the brand but rather “AV Networking” brands. Prosumer stuff like Ubiquiti can beat them with straight performance and cost. Pro systems like Access can beat them with performance and support. It left little areas for places like Pakedge to thrive. OVRC is their greatest strength and being a Snap brand things can be serviced/replaced in immediate need. I would love for them to be more competitive at cost with mid/ large POE switches. 


4 hours ago, Cyknight said:

Switches aren't out yet. Router is excellent. x20 for their networking hardware has been a big step up overall.

Thats good to hear. I will have to check one out.

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I'm eager to see the new X20 Routers and Switches hit.  Yeah they're expensive but the reality is our clientele doesn't want to have to be Network Engineers to build and maintain their home networks.   The key that I see that Snap One has to do is continue to build out OvrC so that it's the crown jewel and judging from the PR about their continued investment in the backend stuff it appears that's what they're doing. 

With Software Defined network control every vendor has essentially an "OvrC" so Snap has to continue to drive functionality and value.  If Snap updates the hardware kit for PCNA to Wifi 6 WAP and X20 Router and Switches I'll get certified.

The Networking geek in my wants one of these AV companies to deliver a NextGeneration Firewall as an option.  



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  • 3 weeks later...

They are.

These things are beasts, and not for the faint of heart. All L3 managed switches.

the 9 series comes with 10gb network ports , expansion ports to 100gb quads and additional power supplies for poe budget boost and/or redundancy and backplane throughput  on them is insane. PoE++ budget varies based on powersupplies, but port max is 90w

the 6 series is 2.5Gb ports with 10gb spf uplinks and plenty of backplane to never see it be an issue PoE++ budget is 60w max per port, or 30w max with all ports firing (ie 24 port has a total budget of 720w)


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