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How do I create multiple and/or statements in Programming Controls

Bruce S


I have four .mp3 files being used for my doorbell chime.  I want to play a different file for halloween, thanksgiving, christmas, and the rest of the year.  What I'm thinking I need to do is create multiple and/or statements to accomplish this, e.g If date does not = 10/29-10/31 Or date does not = 11/25-11/30 OR date does not equal 12/20-12/31 then play big-ben-doorbell-sound.mp3.  The problem I run into is that I cannot figure out to do this progammatically.c4programmingsnapshot.thumb.png.c6710896f1ad02975a128414518ce488.png

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5 hours ago, RAV said:

Use scheduler to set a variable.
October 29 set to 2, Nov 1 set to 1, Nov 25 set to 3, Dec 1 set to 1, Dec 20 set to 4, Jan 1 set to 1

Then just 4 ifs when chime pressed.

That's one way.

6 hours ago, Bruce S said:

The problem I run into is that I cannot figure out to do this progammatically.

You do see the OR button at the top of your screen shot right?


That said you could all just keep it in one place/a single macro...

{put anything you want to ALWAYS happen here such as your push notification}
If date is between {set1}
	{do whatever you want}
If date is between {set 2}
	{again whatever you like}
IF {repeat as needed with that STOP at the end}
{Now do whatever chime you want to ring on all 'normal days}

The STOP option will prevent set 2 from firing if set 1 is fired, if set 1 was skipped, step 2 may be true and gets fired, then STOP will prevent it from going further...and so on and so forth untill any specified date ranges are 'checked' and if non of them are true the 'regular' chime fires.

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