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Vestaboard brings the best of digital and analog together into a beautiful piece of split-flap display hardware. Control the board from anywhere using the Control4 driver, and have your messages appear in a satisfying mechanical performance, making your home or office feel more personal and interactive.

To learn more about Vestaboard and its features, check out vestaboard.com


  • Allows you to update the board's text from anywhere with the Control4 webview
  • The webview will automatically update when the board's message has been changed, even if it was changed by other interfaces
  • Create events that trigger upon the board's message being changed
  • Three different icon styles to personalize the Control4 interface. There is the Vestaboard logo, and black or white Vestaboard displays


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22 hours ago, Cinegration said:

Control the board from anywhere using the Control4 driver

Link to driver?   Is this just a webview to manually use their web interface or can I programmatically control the Vestaboard from Composer programming (hopefully with some variable manipulation and not just static text).

When I saw the Vestaboard for first time, my first question was about C4 integration-- so hopefully this is now supported.  Awesome product, but pricey for sure.  I love the retro-future hybrid vibe of the thing.

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  The driver url is here: https://drivercentral.io/platforms/control4-drivers/utility/vestaboard/


We did enable composer programming for you and allow for variable injection ;)

Full docs explain everything but it's basically:

For Composer Variables... use this syntax: {variable_name}.  Example, if you made a composer variable (weather report) then to inject it, you'd type {weather report}.

For other drivers variables, use: {deviceId:variable_name} Example, if the Yale doorlock has a deviceId of 992 (yale last user is listed under var name: LAST_UNLOCKED_BY) and you're wanting the vesta to say 'Hello Username' then you'd  use "Hello {992:LAST_UNLOCKED_BY}" 


If you need any additional programming hooks or commands, let us know and we'd be happy to look at implementing.



Cindev Driver Team

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