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Seeking recommendation for a reasonable Control-4 PROGRAMER in / near ORLANDO FLORIDA to assist me with updating my home control4 programing and equipment updating.


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I am in Orlando, Florida and need referrals to find a very reasonable cost person able to help me update my Control4 system in my home in Orlando.  Our current Control4 system is about 13 years old and works.  Past time to update the equipment in the Rack.  Concerned because we have over 50 Contol4 dimmers and light switches all through our home - and worried if we update . . .  then all our current Control4 light switches and dimmers might not continue to work with newer equipment and software updates??  I think our control4 main "Brain" is the HC800 and we have a few HC200's and HC300's around the house and behind TVs that we have recently gone to just wifi streaming.  But still use Control4 for our Security system, 50+ control4 light switches & dimmers all around the house,  also Control4 to control electric Window Blinds, Music in several rooms, etc. etc.   Appreciate any referral to someone reasonable and knowledgeable who may be able to assist in Orlando, Florida. 


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Many remote programmers here to choose from. The question is are your existing dimmers and such zigbee pro or embernet. If embernet, thats going take some time to update 50 devices and probably should be done onsite.

I would like to hear other guys answers to this one

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HC800 as main will mean the system is past the embernet stage so that shouldn't be a concern.

Of course 200/300 means system is locked to 2.9.1 as is: if you're not intending to use for video it may be possible to just take them out and use the 800 to ho to OS3 at least, but if you're overhauling, I'd strongly suggest getting a core 5.

Hey if you're using streaming only and they're all decent smart TVs (Sammy,sony,lg or RokuTVs) you may be able to even get away with pure IP control over local TVs, music, lighting, blinds et al shouldn't be an issue.

One new controller, lose a bunch of them, save money on electricity and be on the latest and greatest.


As for Florida dealers (and I suspect you'll want to use someone that can come to site for this) I can't help you.

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