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Alarm Contact Sensor Status

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I want to add some programming which, after a certain action and a time delay, checks whether the garage door is still open and, if so, closes it.  The garage door has a contact sensor in my Texecom alarm system which is integrated into Control4.  I thought I would see the garage door contact listed in the security section of Composer HE but while I can see many other Texecom sensors, I cannot see this one.  However, I know the garage door sensor is integrated into Control4 because Control4 correctly shows the status of the garage door under Locks & Sensors in the Control4 app.

How can I find the variable Control4 is using to determine the status of the garage door and then link to this so I can program an action (closing the door) off it please?

Thank you!

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16 hours ago, Andrew luecke said:

G'day before anything, do you have a beam sensor installed?

There is a beam sensor in the alarm system - I can’t recall if it is integrated into Control4 - I can check later

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23 minutes ago, RAV said:

Do you have a garage door icon that's currently reflecting the state?

Yes (screenshot of C4 app attached). This is why the garage door sensor must be in the system or maybe I can link to the status in Control4 directly?). Thanks!


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Then there should be a Garage Door driver in your project which you'll program against, it's not a variable.

You need a timer - for however long you want the delay to be. GarageTimer

Then in programming tab
When Garage Door opens, reset timer GarageTimer
When Garage Door closes, stop timer GarageTimer
When GarageTimer expires - close door

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Thank you RAV.  I went through the project again and particularly the garage door driver...  For those as early stage in their Composer skills as me, I hadn't seen the "Conditionals" section in the bottom right hand corner of Composer HE so I used this to check if the garage door is open and then the "Commands" section to close the door.

Thank you for all your help!

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