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Here's hoping...a touchscreen iMac....


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I thought you gave up on Apple :)

Apple is like an old girlfriend. Giving up is hard to do...:)

But the interest here is in the ergonomics of such a device...

The patent for the ability to swing the screen to a more horizontal position for touchscreen capability: and to run iOS iPad style apps (hence the C4 app), then switch to HDMI output and OSX's full capability to run video streaming. The PC 'iMac' all in ones won't lie flat enough. So the ergonomics of the touchscreen start to become cumbersome.

It's the attention to such detail in the user experience that Apple tends to get right...

It's why the US should always win over Asian computer design. Why we need patents. And why Apple deserves it's premium pricing... Thank goodness there is some Western based electronic product design left! If you've ever visited the electronic retail districts in East Asia, Japan, Hong Kong and China...you'll know what I mean. Just sayin...:cool:

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I learned my lesson derickson =). I'm sure as he'll not going to keep buying them and trying to make them work. If I can't find a solution real quick I'll cut my losses and move on to a product that doesn't "buzz" (probably Lutron).

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Why people jump through such hoops and pay such high prices to use the proprietary stuff Apple produces is beyond me...

I'd take Apple over BOSE

They're both in the same bag so I can see why you say this. Marketing, it's all in the marketing.

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