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  1. Continuously until you tell it to stop - the documentation says up to 10 hours. I'm a long-time runner and have carried all kinds of devices with me when I am out. I don't think there would be an easy way to carry it since it has an internal fan that runs when it is taking the readings. You would have to get creative. Here in Minnesota the outdoor air is not a big concern but the indoor air quality is of interest as we spend a majority of time indoors during the winter months.
  2. I used the study linked above when looking for an indoor air quality monitor about a month ago focusing on the Field R squared numbers. I didn't consider the sensors that cost thousands of dollars as they were out of my price range. Based on this chart http://www.aqmd.gov/aq-spec/evaluations/summary-pm I narrowed it down to the Atmotube Pro, Kaiterra Laser 2+ Egg and PurpleAir PA-I-Indoor. I chose the Atmotube Pro - since it is built as a portable device (comes with a carabiner) and had good R Squared numbers for PM1.0 and PM2.5. The app is excellent and gives me a notification about once a
  3. Used Neil to update my system to 2.10.5. Couldn't be happier with the process and results - definitely recommend!
  4. The AVR was set to a dynamic IP, so when the power was lost and the AVR was restarted it acquired a different IP that was not recognized by the controller...
  5. Ok, from what you are telling me this is definitely a user problem and not a hardware or setup problem. I bought the UPS prior to having C4 and I basically just wanted it to give me enough time to get a graceful shutdown with the components I had. From the link you sent me to the calculator, I bought an underpowered unit for my needs. I'll change it to just provide power to the brains of the operation for the short period of time knowing I don't have a great solution to UPS right now. My Load in Watts should give me about 10 minutes or so to hustle and get things shut down in an or
  6. I had a power outage a few weeks back and was able through some assistance here and remote assistance from my dealer to get back up and running. Thanks for that. I'm now trying to understand why my rackmount UPS did not keep the rack items up and running. Really I want to know if it is the UPS's fault or the human operators fault (me). The UPS I have is a CyberPower OR500LCDRM1U. I don't recall what was initially plugged into it, but I know at one point I plugged the racks 5' long Wattbox connection into it thinking I have power to the whole rack for a short period of time. I jus
  7. Oh, and I forgot to say the fing app for mobile phones is really, really nice and easy to use. Gives a list of all devices on the network without even having to know what a command line is.
  8. Ok, it's all starting to make sense now - thanks for the explanation. I can now explain this to the dealer and maybe they can at least get me back up and running sooner than July 12 by doing the Denon change remotely. I'm not sure why they didn't set up as static as this was sure to happen sooner or later with DHCP. That coupled with not getting the most important devices on the UPS are a bit of a head scratcher... The customer service from the dealer has been excellent so I'm sure we can get the problem resolved and at the same time get me some exciting new upgrades! We can close
  9. Just so I'm clear, are you saying the Denon IP has changed and that is messing things up? And by a DHCP reservation do you mean on the router setting an IP range of say 150 to 249 or should I set specific MAC addresses? So the Denon is configured to a specific IP address in Control4? If that is the case that sounds like a bad plan from the get go... Thanks for the tip on fing, I'll give that a try. I was using nslookup and nbtstat with little luck. It is tough to fully understand this black box that is Control4... Again thanks for all the help, I have set up a dealer visit but it'
  10. Ok I am able to now watch the Tivo by turning on with red C4 button and then trekking to the basement and changing the AVR to the Tivo source. I get sound and picture so that gives me a workaround. On the positive side, I am getting a lot of stairs work in going up and down while diagnosing. I've checked out the AVR menus and there is no Wi Fi capability that i could find. I downloaded the manual and checked there as well and no mention of Wi Fi so I can rule that out as an issue. It validated that does have an IP address and it is set with DHCP on. I also checked for firmware update
  11. knowitall - It is a Denon AVR-2312 ci. Thanks for the suggestion of manually changing the AVR that's a "no-duh" step I should have tried. I will do some investigation into the IP settings for the main devices and work to getting them documented. Good info on the software upgrades and ballpark cost. I can manage the router firmware updates but things like the Key matrix are out of my wheelhouse. I'll schedule a dealer visit and get updates for all the devices. I'm assuming I don't have to purchase a new license to existing drivers for things like Sonos... Derrick -
  12. I believe the OSD is direct to the TV. When you say lost their IP control would that mean I'm using DHCP instead of static IP? Not sure how to validate that setting... I will unplug those and see if that helps. I believe it is v2.5 - original install in Aug 2013. I'm not sure where to check the version I am running. Sounds like I am getting behind as I see they are up to 2.8 now...
  13. Since we had a power outage several days ago we have had an issue with out Control 4 system - after fiddling with it for a few days I hope someone could offer some advice! Main TV that I need to get working ASAP to avoid a Lord of the Flies type situation: HC-800 Key Matrix 4x4 - Atlona baluns C4 8 zone audio distribution Denon receiver Tivo Roamio Dune HD Cable TV The C4 screen appears fine but when I go to watch say the Tivo, nothing happens. Same with the Dune and the Cable TV. I have tried unplugging all the above items but that doesn't s
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