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  1. Motion sensor under beds that turns on bathroom light to 40% during certain times and under certain conditions. So if you get up in the middle of the night to use the facilities it is lite up for you. For the bedrooms that don't have a bathroom it will activate the hall lights to light the way to the bathroom.
  2. That is what got me confused. Creston was using 4 relays to do this. I thought i was missing something in my 2 relay logic
  3. I have a client that just bought a house with Crestron and we are converting over to Control4. They have a projector in a cut out with a door. the door is controlled via a D.C. actuator that when voltage is applied will open and when you reverse the voltage will close. I am not sure how to wire or program this. Has anyone out there encountered this situation? the wiring is in the Crestron phoenix connector so i might be able to transfer that but not sure what the programming would be since it is using 4 relays on the Crestron system. and no i can not extract the crestron info. it is dead.
  4. after taking a step back from what i have been doing and thought about this for a minute I saw the very easy answer. boolean variable based on the contact/alarm relay state and loop the announcement off the variable. works perfect for what was needed.
  5. I have a client that has an alarm system that they want to hook up to control4. They would like the MRA to play a fire, a CO, and a burg announcement while each is tripped. How can i make a sound file play over MRA while the alarm relay is enabled? not just once but continually while the alarm relay is enabled I thought about when relay closes play announcement X10 but then it will not stop if the relay is opened. any thoughts?
  6. I have been told that an update will be coming today that will address this issue. I was also given an answer as to what the cause was but my phone cut out in the middle of the explanation. it had something to do with the audio end points in each room
  7. that is similar to what dealer support said but that didn't work either. I deleted all announcements and then deleted the agent. unplugged the controller for 5 minutes and started again just to have the same results
  8. we updated a client to 2.10 and now the announcements will not play. I have executed the announcements from composer and nothing. i created new ones and they will not execute either. i have tried different file types too. on occasion i will get an error that the announcement file is in use by another process. I have rebooted the HC800 multiple times thinking that might fix this. after 6 reboots no change. any suggestions
  9. I have done a search and came up with nothing new so just checking if anyone has developed a driver for the kevo locks via the internet bridge yet. Client insists on these locks but i cant find a way to integrate them.
  10. 108 did nothing for this issue and now have no control other than the factory remote over the fire tv unless i either turn off debugging and turn it back on or reboot the fire tv
  11. send home on power on is set to off right now. i tried it both ways. the remotes work the way you would think just the touch panels are not staying on the fire nav screen. it comes up for 2 seconds then back to the home screen for that room
  12. So from the remotes everything works fine. you select netflix and you are returned to the amazon fire device for navigation. when any of the mini drivers are selected from a touch panel or control4 for pc it returns to the main screen for the room and not the amazon fire for navigation. It is doing this on at least two systems i have looked at today. i even deleted and reloaded the driver. anyone know what might be causing this or how to fix it?
  13. An apple product is not an option for me. No matrix each tv has a dedicated controler. What directory on the controlers should i copy the music files to? when i check the media agent i dont see any devices to scan. What needs to be added for the controlers to show up there? I use kodi on our tablets and phones and screen mirror to our bluray player to watch shows and movies. Other than apple what would be a good device to use kodi on that will not cost an arm and leg.
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