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  1. I'm using the C4-LU642D Matrix, which has the Digital-ins and down-mix. I've paired the Sonos Audio Channel with the EA-3 On-Screen Nav. Video input.
  2. Hey All. About the install: I've installed an EA-3, 6x6 4K Control4 Matrix, and an Episode Amp in a client's home. He has two outside TVs, side by side, with a separate DirecTV box for each TV, as well as 2 KEF speakers per TV. There is also a Sonos in the zone. In Composer, I've broken down the area into independent rooms, per TV. Ideally, both zones will be able to play Sonos as the default audio zone, concurrently. There are no issues with Video showing up where it is supposed to, only audio. The "right tv" room works as designed, and has no issue switching audio or video.
  3. Following. I'm curious to know the answer and how this will work. For now, I am stuck. I have a DS-7616NI-VP, but it's latest firmware doesn't support SDDP, so for now, I'm stuck. If anyone has any advice, I'm all ears. Thanks.
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