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  1. Apologies Cyknight, I meant im starting at 2.10.4 and wanting the latest 2.10.X update. It's mainly trying to fix my navigator issue reported here: It started after my last update, and am hoping it is a bug. I'm having trouble getting hold of my current dealer to fix the issue...
  2. Hi Other than controllers (1xHC800, 4xHC250) and T3 Touchscreens (1x 7" Tabletop), what other components need an upgrade when going from 2.10.4 to the latest pre-OS3 update? (OS3 not in scope as I do not have the budget or need for new controllers.) Also any recommendations for a remote dealer to do the work?
  3. Hi, Can anyone tell me the list price for a 'DECORA WIRELESS CONFIGURABLE KEYPAD' C4-KC120277, C4-KC240. Also how much would a 'Stainless' faceplate be to go with it? This is for the UK in GBP.
  4. So the dealer needs to install the driver then I can program away? is there a cost for the driver (other than the dealer callout cost)?
  5. Being new to relatively new to Control 4. What is the typical lifecycle for Controllers. When were latest generation HC's released as well as the EA's? When would we expect the next generation of controllers to drop?
  6. Hi, Is it possible to set up voice commands to run bits of composer programming? Is this something restricted to pro edition?
  7. If you have a button with a binding to a lighting scene, can you still program another alternative scene on a double tap? Previously I had all my lighting buttons set to switch on scenes via bindings. When I then programmed in something on a doubletap, it would both activate the bound scene then execute the double tap programming. My intended behaviour would be to just execute the double tap programming on the double tap event. Is this possible?
  8. Same version on all controllers and latest app. I'm not too fussed about the Mac/pc app. I want to get the navigators on the TV's/controllers working correctly, I also see a similar issue on the handheld remotes. The app was used to just to test. The only device it is working correctly on is the iOS app...
  9. Hi, I have the following C4 setup: HC800 Main controller with 3xHC250's in AV rooms. I recently had the house setup to my specification with some programming done in Composer HE by myself. I wanted to be able to control multiple lighting scenes from a single keypad button using single/double tap. What I requested from my dealer was to remove any bindings on these buttons and I personally programmed these scenes in compose HE including LED behaviour etc. I also configured the scenes so they track lighting scene status for on & toggle scene example below: On Scene: Toggle Scene: The odd behaviour is that on the controller navigators and the PC/Mac app it no longer seems to track the scene status via the blue light next to each scene: However it does track on the iOS app: Can anyone explain this behaviour and how to fix it??? Thanks, Silvaskin
  10. By controllers I mean my HC800/HC250's and viewing the navigators on their attached TV's... Is it possible to change wallpapers on those?
  11. Hi, Once I had my controller upgraded, I only have one wallpaper available on any of my controllers. Only the touchscreen still have alternative wallpapers. How do I get alternative wallpapers on my controllers? I am now on 2.10.4. Thanks, Silvaskin
  12. Hi, Does anyone know the specification of the screw used to attach the T3 screens to the dock or know where I can get a spare? I inherited a control4 system with a house purchase and would like to have it permanently attached to its dock but was not left the corresponding screw. I tried my dealer but he could not source one. Thanks, Silvaskin
  13. Hi, I've recently inherited a control4 system with a house purchase. I have no need at this time to purchase any new parts or upgrade. I need to check the warranty status/purchase date for a few bits of hardware. I have tried contacting C4 directly and a number of dealers from the find a dealer section of the c4 website. The ones i can get hold of would only check for me if i signed up to them and requested new work off them which i have no need for just at this time! C4 said i could only get this information from a dealer. Is any dealer reading here willing to help? Thanks, Silvaskin
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