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  1. What defines a large project. I am looking to upgrade an HC800/HC250 based house. I currently have panellised lighting, with bus controlled keypads, Alarm, AV and distributed audio. 8x Audio zones, 5x AV zones (each with dedicated HC250), DS2 Gate Station with 3x T3 Touchscreens, Alarm, Garage & Gate Control, CCTV, 8x Heating zones using Heatmiser & 16x Somfy blinds. How big would this be classified? There is a bit of lag sometimes say when executing lighting scenes from keypads as well as initiating audio. Would I see an improvement with either an EA5/EA1 upgrade from my existing HC800/HC250 or this new CA10 with EA1's? How much would the performance differ between running an EA5 over the HC800 at a minimum?
  2. Does anyone have a backbox for a Decora Wireless switch available?
  3. Mitch, This is the only update option I see. I get no response when selecting it.
  4. Mitch, Are you able to assist there are two remaining issues following the 2.10.6 upgrade you did for me. The Sky Q driver and the Wireless Music bridge have stopped working.
  5. Hi I have been using the Chowmain driver for about 6 months, after a recent controller upgrade it has stopped responding to any command. In Composer HE it's activation status is showing as follows: Its connection status is showing as online. Anyone know how to fix this?
  6. Got it! ta... Was this changed after 2.10.1? I could swear it used to be one list of fields before, 'User 1', 'User 2' etc. I haven't changed codes in a while... EDIT Just checked the driver revision history: "228 Added/expanded support for the Keypad module, 5 Button call module, and Touch Display module. Added support for the full customizable directory in the DS2. Previously set user code properties should be automatically migrated into the new directory structure. Added support for the expanded DS2 Lock driver and all lock functionalities over the hardware switches and inputs. This includes user data creation, deletion, and editing via touchpanels and mobile devices." Looks like that was when it changed...
  7. This is the driver and firmware version. Does anyone know the latest for both?
  8. Hmm, I've been looking there, I don't have 'User Code 1-12' listed anymore under advanced properties just the codes for relay/output/virtual. Any reason why that would be? Am I looking in the right place?
  9. I've definitely seen these codes set somewhere in Compose HE, but I can't seem to find them now. Can anyone tell where they are set in Compose HE?
  10. Apologies Cyknight, I meant im starting at 2.10.4 and wanting the latest 2.10.X update. It's mainly trying to fix my navigator issue reported here: It started after my last update, and am hoping it is a bug. I'm having trouble getting hold of my current dealer to fix the issue...
  11. Hi Other than controllers (1xHC800, 4xHC250) and T3 Touchscreens (1x 7" Tabletop), what other components need an upgrade when going from 2.10.4 to the latest pre-OS3 update? (OS3 not in scope as I do not have the budget or need for new controllers.) Also any recommendations for a remote dealer to do the work?
  12. Hi, Can anyone tell me the list price for a 'DECORA WIRELESS CONFIGURABLE KEYPAD' C4-KC120277, C4-KC240. Also how much would a 'Stainless' faceplate be to go with it? This is for the UK in GBP.
  13. So the dealer needs to install the driver then I can program away? is there a cost for the driver (other than the dealer callout cost)?
  14. Being new to relatively new to Control 4. What is the typical lifecycle for Controllers. When were latest generation HC's released as well as the EA's? When would we expect the next generation of controllers to drop?
  15. Hi, Is it possible to set up voice commands to run bits of composer programming? Is this something restricted to pro edition?
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