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  1. Why do we all put up with this BS?

    In the US and Canada the ARPU for cable is around $80. Throw in services like Netflix, etc, plus the occasional purchase of a BR/DVD or other media and maybe the odd online rental from something like iTunes and you get to around $120. And I am including all of the sports that you would get today with a typical cable package.
  2. Why do we all put up with this BS?

    Look at where music has gone. There is no point in pirating music when everyone subscribes to Spotify, Apple Music or whatever when you can stream whatever song you want to whatever device you want whenever you want. It is way better to just pay $10/month and have access to (pretty much) everything. I am willing to pay $120/month to have "Spotify for video content". That means I can stream any movie or TV show ever made whenever I want to any device. "Hollywood" still gets just as much revenue as they used to, maybe even more as they can cut out some of the middlemen like networks, cable channels, DVD manufacturers, etc. This would replace cable TV subscriptions, DVD/BR purchases, Netflix/Vudu/Amazon On Demand, etc. But there are too many vested interests to let this happen and not everyone would be willing to pay.
  3. Homebridge Driver for HomeKit Support?

    Bump - when you hide devices do you need to restart the Homebridge to get it reflected or will it eventually chcange on its own. It also seems that some devices that I moved from Default Room to another room later moved back to Default Room. Hopefully this doesn't continue happening.
  4. To put it in computer terms it appears that OS version is of type string rather than numeric.
  5. Ok, uncle - I give up. My final point on the topic is that the periods matter only when the second period is used, and that rarely happens. On the first page of these forums there are at least four threads mentioning 2.10 - none of them mention 2.10.0
  6. When I went to school 2.1 = 2.10 as trailing zeros can be ignored.
  7. What is the deal with the C4 OS numbering scheme? Shouldn't the first version of 2 have been 2.01 rather than 2.1? Because we now have a situation where 2.10 is out, but it is not the same as 2.1 and it is the version after 2.9. I am guessing that this will, or already, has caused confusion.
  8. Homebridge Driver for HomeKit Support?

    I hid a few devices, saved the homebridge configuration but the devices that I hid were still in the Home app. Is this something else that takes a long time to propagate? If I reboot the Homebridge device then they disappear - but do you have to do this?
  9. Thanks Dan - the only reason that I would watch live TV would be to see 4K that I wasn't able to record.
  10. Are you talking about Rogers cable? Do many people still watch live TV? I can't stand to do so myself, even for sports. But then you need to ensure that the transport buttons are responsive so that you can FF or skip past commercials, timeouts, etc. That's why I still love my SageTV setup - it has buttons for SkipFwd and SkipFwdx2 where you can set the skip times based on the Show Title. So for SkipFwdx2 for NHL hockey you can use 120 seconds and for NBA Basketball you could use 150 seconds - if those are the times for the typical commercial timeout. And then for the shorter breaks you just use a SkipFwd of 10 seconds or whatever.
  11. Homebridge Driver for HomeKit Support?

    Is the latest room setting for a device what is used? What if you move a device from Default Room to kitchen on your phone and then move the same device from Default Room to Living Room on your iPad. What command sticks - the latest one executed?
  12. Homebridge Driver for HomeKit Support?

    I have been playing around with this and I am using the Home app on both my iPhone and my iPad. It seems like when you do some config - like set up the rooms or change the names in the Home app that it only gets reflected on that specific device - not on other devices using the Home app. Any idea how to get the room assignments, etc from my phone to propagate over to my iPad? I am using the same Apple ID for both devices.
  13. It makes sense to do something that is cross-platform - what are people using nowadays for stuff like this?
  14. Are there any issues with continuing to use the 2.8 version of this app? Has C4 indicated where they are going with this in the future - AIR is built on top of Flash and everyone seems to be moving away from Flash.
  15. Ok thanks - speaking of this app - Adobe AIR is kind of deprecated technology, isn't it. Any plans for a newer version of a PC navigator?