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  1. zaphod

    am i just nuts?

    Buy a Tesla - then you can use the unofficial API from Tesla, controlled by C4 with a few tricks. I can push a button on a C4 keypad in my bedroom to start the climate so that the car is warmed up before I get in. That is needed more in Toronto that Phoenix😀
  2. I don't know about Android but if you have an iPhone playing music to C4 is as easy as starting up Spotify (or whatever) on your phone, click on devices and select the Shairplay device name. Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy. So you might want to think about how things are set up today. But I do agree that using Alexa is pretty easy if you get it set up properly to play to zones.
  3. zaphod

    pool control

    That would be useful, as would turning the spa temp down every day between midnight and noon if you never use it during those hours. But my spa is a standalone Jacuzzi that is 12 years old so I don't think it has automation options.
  4. zaphod

    pool control

    But still - why $2k so that you can flip a couple of relays and adjust a temperature on the heater remotely. The last time I looked these interfaces did not even let you adjust stuff like SWCG percentages from the remote interface.
  5. zaphod

    Permanent Christmas lights

    Where do you want to put them - on your house or on (a) tree(s). I have tried various types but on trees the squirrels (or racoons or other animals) chew through the cords.
  6. zaphod

    pool control

    But why is it so expensive? Isn't this something that could be done with a Raspberry Pi and/or Arduion plus a bit of software?
  7. zaphod

    pool control

    Is that $2000 just to add automation capabilities to your pool system?
  8. zaphod

    Would you do it all over again?

    I agree with Matt. My original dealer was not very useful. He was a basic electrician and he could hook up light switches, etc. so I guess he thought he would get into HA as a way of having fancier lighting. But he had no knowledge of computers, networking, AV, etc. He didn't last long as a C4 dealer.
  9. zaphod

    Would you do it all over again?

    I have had C4 for about 11 years and I would probably get C4 if I had to do it again but I still really wish that I had more control over the system. I didn't fully understand the limitations of Composer HE - for example I would have thought that adding a new DVD player is a matter of programming rather than adding new hardware. That is the one thing that keeps me from enthusiastically recommending it to friends who ask about HA as many of my friends are as geeky as I am. But I am impressed with how well C4 integrates with third party products. I find the Alexa integration to be hugely useful. And they seem to be good at keeping up with a lot of the current trends like Spotify Connect, etc. And the more I use the whole house audio featuers, the more I am enjoying it. It just seems that adding some types of hardware is kind of extremely expensive as you may spend a few hundred dollars for a driver and then have to pay a dealer to integrate new devices. I also find that some of the functionality is overhyped. It sounds cool to say that when you come home your C4 system can turn on the lights, put on the TV to your favourite stations,etc, or that your system can have a wakeup scene that gradually turns on the lights, opens the blinds and starts to play music in the morning. But IMHO this type of functionality is not useful unless you live alone. Your spouse or kids may not appreciate these things happening automagically.
  10. Find a different dealer. Maybe even one of the online dealers here. There is no reason why Ubiquiti will not work with C4, but apparently it is not on the "approved" list of networking products. Pakedge is on the approved list, it is owned by C4 and sold by your dealer. If your C4 sells you Pakedge and C4 equipment he makes some revenue. If he makes you rip out all of your Ubiquiti stuff and drop a few Gs on Pakedge hardware he makes a lot more money. But look at it from your dealer's perspective. If he just sets up your system and maybe sells you a little bit more equipment he makes a few hundred bucks. He wants to sell $10s of thousands of equipment, take a cut on the hardware sales and on hourly setup/programming fees. If he is busy doing full scale projects then he is not interested in small scale projects like you.
  11. Actually the Epic Alexa driver did partially break a few weeks ago and needed to be revised. It is still semi-broken for me but that may be because I am still on 2.9.1.
  12. Why is that? I find the C4 integration to be, by far, the most useful aspect of smart speakers. My voice commands didn't work for a week and it was very annoying.
  13. This seems like a strange comment as Roku is still the market leader. But it will be interesting to see if an independent like Roku will survive vs the tech giants of Apple, Google and Amazon. Same thing for Sonos, Netflix and Spotify - can they thrive as independents or will they get crushed by the big boys. http://fortune.com/2018/05/31/internet-video-roku-apple-tv-chromcast/
  14. I believe the driver was written by Epic systems who also wrote a very good Amazon Alexa/Echo driver that was around before the C4 driver.
  15. zaphod

    Renaming Devices

    And it is a most useful driver - I used it just yesterday. Thanks Mitch!