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  1. zaphod

    Ceiling Speakers

    Anyone have an opinion on whether these Monoprice Aria 2.1 speakers would be good in rooms of a house where you won't have the most discerning listeners? Would these be better than just a typical pair of 6 or 8" speakers? With this system you run a 4 conductor wire to the sub and then split off a pair of 2 conductor wires to the satellites. https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=31031
  2. Yes, and Google - for AndroidTV, and Apple for Apple TV. This is generally much more doable when the device is a PC but a HTPC also has a bunch of downsides.
  3. Somebody should really come up with a standard API that allows apps on devices like FireTVs, AndroidTVs, etc to be simply controlled via an HTTP GET, once authenticated. Something like
  4. In theory it would be a lot nicer if you had an app that would allow two way communications, etc. IR is such an Amish way of controlling things (no offense to the Amish).
  5. zaphod

    Reboot controller

    Aren't we talking about the root password for ssh access to C4, not your login to the C4 web site, 4sight, apps, etc? I t0tally don't remember using that to set up mobile apps.
  6. A question about config of distributed audio. In my main basement equipment room I am putting a bunch of C4 equipment including a C4 matrix switch, 8 zone C4 matrix amp, etc. In my main floor office I am going to put a 4 zone matrix amp. Can I run an output of the matrix switch in the equipment room into a C4 controller input and then receive that audio signal from the output of a controller in my main floor office? If so this is a way to get an audio signal from the matrix switch in my equipment room to my office. In other words if you put an audio signal into the input of a controller can you access this signal from the outputs of any other controller on your system? And if so could I access this audio signal on more than one controller if I wanted - say also on the controller in my second floor bedroom? This could allow me to use an Echo Dot to provide voice controlled music anywhere in the house. Basement C4 Matrix Switch Output ----> C4 controller input Main Floor Office C4 controller output --> C4 matrix amp I have a pair of RCA-RJ45 baluns and I have a spare ethernet drop in my office - should I use the baluns instead? The downside to this is that this only allows me to get a signal from one place to one other place. If using the controller inputs as described above works the way that I am hoping then this would allow me to get that signal all over my system. Or is there some other way of doing this?
  7. zaphod

    Reboot controller

    What happens if it is changed and you get in a disagreement with the dealer and he won't give you the password? Do you have to do a factory reset? Or do you even really need to know the root password?
  8. You are probably right Mitch, I was just thinking about trying to reduce the number of boxes in the room in instances where you don't need to go to full on distributed video and the associated cost with matrix switches and cabling.
  9. What I am thinking is something like an EA-1 that also runs AndroidTV, or some other similar operating system. This would allow the box to do all of the things that an existing EA-1 does, but also play video content via apps for Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify, etc. Or used in conjunction with VideoStorm this could the receiver for VS's centralized video distribution. Manufacturing cost shouldn't be much more than an EA-1 as some of the components could be shared, like power supply, video processor, ethernet adapter, wifi adapter. It would also simplify installations as you would only need one box at the video end point. Maybe in an ideal world C4 would even by VS, the way that they bought Pakedge, Triad, etc. Note that I have no interest in VideoStorm and I am not even currently a user of the product.
  10. zaphod

    iPad app is now unstable

    I don't have this issue - have you tried rebooting the iPad? Are you on the latest OS for the iPad? What C4 OS are you running? What version of the C4 app?
  11. In terms of playing back - as long as you set some options then you should be able to AirPlay to any room and the music will come on automatically - this requires an instance of the Shairbridge driver installed for each room. But Spotify Connect is probably a better idea - but I don't use this as I am still on 2.9. The problem with Airplay is that your phone has to stay on the LAN.
  12. zaphod

    Reboot controller

    You should never have your C4 system visible to the outside world, unless protected by something like a VPN. But if you spent enough time playing around on Shodan I bet you could find C4 systems that you could access. But "AnOutsider" is somewhat correct in that it is not a good security practice to have the same default password for all systems.
  13. zaphod

    HC300 and OS 2.10.3

    Or buy a used HC-250 or HC-800 on ebay.
  14. I have smoke detectors connected into my DSC security system that are then connected into C4 - or at least the DSC system is connected into C4 via serial DB9. Last night the security keypad started to beep and indicated "zone fault smoke west furnace room". There was no fire, and I checked the detector and it says replace in 2018. So I am guessing that it has reached its EOL. This detector, and some others in my house, are System Sensor 2012HA. Do I have to replace these with a similar model, or can I use any other smoke detector - these appear to be 4 wire units. System Sensor may be a Canadian brand.