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  1. EDS MyQ Driver Revival - AND FREE

    I can understand the latter but not the former. This is reason enough to try not to buy any more products from a company with such a closed-minded attitude. @dcovach - Love the new avatar!
  2. Composer HE 2.9.1

    Me too. I am running 2.9.1 and that is what shows up on the Controller registration page but under Composer HE downloads only 2.10.1 is listed
  3. Carrier Infinity with control4

    My calendar as well.
  4. Carrier Infinity with control4

    Feb 5, 2018 appears to be the release date.
  5. You don't need a puck - just a switch, or more likely a dimmer. The main switch/dimmer will manage the load - which means that it actually directly controls the electricity flowing through the wire. You can add additional C4 keypads of various types if you want to be able to control the light from different parts of the room - or even other rooms. Or you could use a Touchpad, app on your phone/tablet, Alexa, Siri (via HomeBridge), etc.
  6. Carrier Infinity with control4

    It is not clear to me from that doc - so is there now an API that works with any Infinity system, even if it is several years old, or is this just for newer systems? This has been around for a little while as that doc is almost 1.5 years old and it is version 1.6, for whatever that is worth.
  7. Yes, even if you don't have a controller you can turn the lights on and off. But then you have paid ~$150 for a $2 light switch with nice LEDs.
  8. AV Access HDMI over Ethernet

    Good call - it looks like the DL-UHDRC70
  9. Carrier Infinity with control4

    That's annoying. I don't think I have any damper control and I can live without the reminders to change my filter. I don't know if I use the variable speed, humidity or pressure sensing.
  10. Fair enough - I generally think of prices in USD on the forum since that is more comparable across countries. And Amazon.ca has them for $65 for 4 so that is only C$16.25 apiece.
  11. Actually less than that - Amazon has four packs of the white bulbs for $50 - that seems to be the regular price now. Two bulb packs are $30. https://www.amazon.com/Philips-Equivalent-Dimmable-Compatible-Assistant/dp/B073SSK6P8
  12. Carrier Infinity with control4

    I put in two C4 t-stats, one for each furnace/ac, when I installed C4 a decade ago. But one of the thermostats gave me a lot of trouble and I replaced it with a dumb thermostat. Then the furnace was replaced so I went with the Carrier thermostat - but there is no reason that you have to go with their thermostat, is there? Can't you use anything that you want?
  13. Carrier Infinity with control4

    It is clear that you need a SAM - but why? Is it just because Carrier is closed-minded and doesn't allow anyone else to access the system? Is is asinine that you need to install an RS-232 interface to a thermostat that has IP connectivity. And now to hear that there are other drawbacks as well! My next furnace will be ABC - Anything But Carrier, and I will need another one soon as my house was expanded and renovated in 92 and has two furnaces. One of them was replaced a couple of years ago but the other one is now 26 years old.
  14. Carrier Infinity with control4

    I also have a Carrier Infinity Tstat but it is several years old. I was also told that I need a SAM. In some ways that makes no sense since there must be IP connectivity as you can use an app or web interface to access your Tstat. That is a stupid design if you ask me.
  15. 2.10.1 Released