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  1. zaphod

    Weather Underground update

    The new API docs are available here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eKCnKXI9xnoMGRRzOL1xPCBihNV2rOet08qpE_gArAY Hopefully the old docs are still around somewhere where you can do a comparison.
  2. zaphod

    Weather Underground update

    I emailed them and asked - they said that your old key will continue to work for now and they will let us know when the portal for a new key is live.
  3. But aren't Apple TV and Roku irrelevant if you have a VS system with an Android TV device located locally (or even built in to the TV). Then you only need encoders for BluRay and satellite/cable, and I have to think very few folks will care about BluRay going forward. That leaves Sat/Cable and many folks don't even have 4K content or boxes.
  4. Here is what the future is going to look like, at least for those of us that supply PWS info: Hi there from the Weather Underground API Transition Team. We’d like to reiterate a few things and let you know of a few small timing changes as we move closer to the previously announced retirement of the Weather Underground API: We have extended the retirement date to February 15, 2019 to allow you more transition time. All Weather Underground API keys will stop working on February 15, 2019 unless otherwise agreed upon with Weather Underground. All credit card charges for existing Weather Underground API subscriptions will stop on December 26, 2018. Personal Weather Station (PWS) owners/contributors will continue to be eligible for a free replacement API service selected from our standard IBM/Weather Company standard offerings that contain: Current observations from the PWS network 5 day daily forecast PWS historical data PWS lookup by geocode, zip code and location Call volume: 1500/day, 30/minute You can check out our PWS contributor replacement API documentation here. If you need higher call volumes, you can still sign up for a paid API subscription plan from The Weather Company. To have a representative contact you or to request a demo, please click to fill out the contact form. Finally, we are humbled by the loyalty you’ve shown us during this difficult transition period. Thank you for your continued support of the Weather Underground community. With gratitude, The WU API Transition Team
  5. The probably with scaling is that you need to get an IR signal to the controller(s). And I am not sure if you can have multiple controllers in the same location displaying different colours as they likely take the same IR codes. But if you want the same colour on all of the strips then you only need one controller, but you may need repeaters as the controllers can typically only handle 1-2 strips. This is the sort that I am talking about: https://www.amazon.com/EPBOWPT-44Key-Remote-Controller-Lights/dp/B01KJ4VLYA/ref=sr_1_20?ie=UTF8&qid=1544711946&sr=8-20&keywords=rgb+led+controller There are also Wifi best controllers that are around $15. The issue with them is that I don't think there are any drivers so you have to do some hacks to use it in C4, like using the generic IP driver.
  6. There are actually a bunch of options if you don't mind changing the controller, assuming that the strips are your generic four wire RGB strips. You could get a $5 IR controller and use Alan Chow's driver. You can get a Hue compatible controller for about $50 and use the C4 Hue driver as well. I have both of these in my system.
  7. zaphod

    TCP/IP *Input* to C4

    Ditto for Web Events - I use it for a few things - and I use the IP driver to go on the opposite direction. It would be so nice if C4 had a two way API...
  8. zaphod

    Adding additional receivers

    Can you elaborate on this? Does this make a difference if you are using online streaming services like Spotify, Amazon Music, and/or audio ripped at a bitrate of 320kbps? Or is this just an issue if you have higher fidelity lossless recordings and you want to ensure the best quality audio?
  9. Ok, so every time ths song changed it would wake up. I see.
  10. Yes, and if your phone leaves your LAN then the music drops, assuming that you are initiating the playback from your phone. When I am using Shairbridge I find that the music can on and off when I move around the house and my phone goes from one WAP to another.
  11. ?? I mean why doesn't it say "Dream On - Aerosmith" rather than "Digital Media". That doesn't affect battery, does it?
  12. The Echo Link seems kind of expensive for what it does. I wonder if it will be significantly higher quality than using an Echo Dot. Will it have better quality D-A converters if you are using the analog output? And what bitrate is it capable of receiving from the music services that you use? It would also be great if it had multiple outputs. It seems to have analog (RCA), spdif and coax outputs, but I am guessing that they all will output the only one music stream. I assume this means that if you want to play different music to different zones of your house then you will need multiple Echo Links.
  13. When you are playing music it appears that C4 remotes just show "Digital Media" in the display. Why don't they display the track name and Artist name, the way that this is displayed on the bottom of a navigator screen.
  14. zaphod

    Control4 equipment forsale

    Where are these located?
  15. zaphod

    120V Rope Light

    I think that pretty much all LED lights are DC so that you likely need an AC-DC converter. This is kind of off-topic but why don't we now have DC power distributed around the house? I must have dozens of wall warts in my house that output 5 or 12V. It would be nice if we could standardize at 12V and have all electronics run off of that.