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  1. Why would they make this available for business but not home users? This has been one of the most requested features from the early days of Alexa.
  2. You're not familiar with the former President of the Galaxy, as well as the inventor of the Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster, and the only man to survive the Total Perspective Vortex. Shame on you!
  3. zaphod

    4K media player

    Do you want to use anything like Plex or Kodi for the front end of your system?
  4. zaphod

    Fire TV cube with Alexa

    This looks very useful, especially if there is some flexibility in how the IR port works. Even as just an IR extender it is pretty cheaply priced at its initial price of $90. Hopefully this would also work as a Videostorm receiver.
  5. I tried the email and they have not even acknowledged my email.
  6. But what if you want to write drivers or tweak drivers without being a dealer. That is very hard to do.
  7. But is that going to ever come? The trend seems to be going in the opposite direction where everything is going onto the cloud to be processed, especially something like voice recognition that is computationally intensive and continually evolving.
  8. zaphod

    Keypad dimmer reset

    I wonder what is so special about this sequence of number. To reset a remote control you room off, #, *, 1, 3, 4, 1, 3. What is so special about 1-3-4-1-3? Was that the zip code for the C4 CEO's girlfriend?
  9. Maybe they can lever off of third party libraries but I would think that it is hard to compete with the big 3 of Amazon, Google and Apple when trying to come up with high quality voice recognition.
  10. What hardware does the native C4 irrigation work with? Will it work with my Irrigation Caddy?
  11. Why should C4 build this when you can buy an Echo Dot for about $40? Or use your phone?
  12. You could also look to buy a pair of used C4 amps for much less money.
  13. zaphod

    Cost Effective Motion Sensors

    I have my DSC system integrated into C4 and I use it to turn on a light for a hallway. It works quite well with about a 0.5 second lag.
  14. Let's have more discussion on what this really means. Does this mean just more direct control of ATV? Or does it go much further to have complete integration of Control4 and HomeKit, similar to what is possible today with HomeBridge. I am hoping and guessing it is the latter - especially given Ryan's response.
  15. I could be interested in the Audio Matrix(es), HC-200 and SR250 remotes. How much do you want for them? And where are you located? And what model number are the matrixes?