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  1. Couldn't you just buy a device to go from 24V AC to 12V DC. Like this: https://www.amazon.com/DIGITEN-Waterproof-Converter-Adapter-Security/dp/B018LF3XQI/
  2. Composer HE

    If you are going to do any programming then HE is totally worth it. It is a one-time purchase. I believe it comes with a one year subscription to 4sight. I hadn't subscribed to 4sight for a while and you may not need it, however it appears that C4 is moving in the direction to give you more incentive to subscribe to it - like Alexa and When/Then (which I don't/can't use as I am on 2.9). Part of the overall trend of software companies moving to a subscription model. HE costs (or at least it used to) $150 and 4sight is $100/yr so there is value in buying HE.
  3. Where to you download 4k movies?

    The French have the gaul Vive le France!
  4. HDMI Matrix and Xbox One

    How much can you expect to pay for a JAP system. It looks like the Tx and Rx units are roughly $1k apiece - is that right (this is for the 3G units, I don't know that it makes sense to save a few hundred for a 2G unit - but then it drops to $600 if you want to do that). Then you will need a managed switch - a Cisco SG300-28 looks like it will cost you about $200-300. Is there anything else you will need to purchase? Any licensing or programming? Would you still put a C4 controller in your end-point rooms or do you not need them locally as you can either control with HDMI-CEC, IP or IR sent over the JAP connection? Does the JAP connection also carry a plain-vanilla IP network for controlling local devices like a TV and AVR (if you have one locally) or do you need additional ethernet drop(s) for that? What about audio distribution - would you just use the JAP HDMI connection or would you use another connection for audio, perhaps with an additional zone? What are the advantages of JAP vs traditional Matrix switch like a Leaf or whatever? I guess one disadvantage is a bit of a delay? Advantage is requirement for fewer network drops? And you can custom size it for a 6x8, 8x10, 10x4 or whatever rather than traditional 6x6, 8x8, etc. Bit-path seems similar to JAP - but it is 1/10 the price as you can get a Monoprice Tx/Rx pair for $80. What's the catch here? I see bad reviews on the Monoprice site but that seems to be with people not using separate managed network switches. Are there AVRs that are built for systems like this? Traditional high end AVRs have a ton of HDMI inputs - you don't need that so it is kind of a waste.
  5. Composer HE

    You can download it from downloads section of the my.control4.com website. Presumably it will show up once you have a license tied to your account. Mine came with a CD as well but that was 9/10 years ago - don't know if they still do and I wouldn't want it anyhow.
  6. HDMI Matrix and Xbox One

    I don't want to sidetrack this thread any more than I already have. Is there a thread that discusses the pros and cons of JAP vs other matrix switches, etc? I did a quick search but didn't find anything too recent.
  7. HDMI Matrix and Xbox One

    I do actually use MoCA to stream video to a couple of my SageTV extenders which can use bitrates of as much as 19.2Mbps for HD OTA MPEG-2 files. When I tested it years ago I was able to maintain transfer speeds of about 50Mbps as measured by file transfers in Win7.
  8. This has happened to me a couple of times in the last few days - I will go to create a new thread and it will create two instances of the thread. And looking at the forums it seems to be happening to others as well. Anyone know why this is happening?
  9. Activate Lighting Scene

    You aren't the only one - I was stumped by the same thing just a couple of days ago saying how the hell do I send a command to execute a lighting scene.
  10. HDMI Matrix and Xbox One

    So what matrix amps are you using for 5.1 (or whatever)? When I see amps like the C4 they appear to be stereo. Or do you not use a matrix and put a regular AVR in your rack? And what about subwoofer - aren't subwoofers normally powered at the speaker so that you need a coax connection back to the subwoofer? @ILoveC4- did you drop a zero on your matrix price or did you really pay $600 for it? The other issue to make this all work is the cabling. There are parts of my house where I couldn't easily run ethernet cable so I use MoCA or wifi for networking, but that wouldn't work for video I guess.
  11. HDMI Matrix and Xbox One

    Ok, you guys are starting to win me over on the centralized systems. Assuming that you want surround sound in your end-point rooms, how do you do the audio distribution? Do you have the HDMI coming from the central rack go to a local AVR and then HDMI from the local AVR to the TV? Or do you just run the 5.1 or 7.2 (or whatever) speaker cabling from the central point?
  12. Activate Lighting Scene

    I agree that this is confusing, but don't click on the + sign beside Advance Lighting, click on the Actual words "Advanced Lighting" to the right of the C4 symbol . Then in the box in the lower right corner you will see a dropdown box under Commands. Select the Panic scene from there.
  13. How many email addresses

    Where is this on the website?
  14. HDMI Matrix and Xbox One

    Very true, different preferences. But there is a large class of "cord-nevers" which are the kids coming out of college who never subscribed to cable and likely never will. I ask the recent hires that I work with about this trend and most of them don't have cable and aren't interested. The main exception are the ones interested in sports, but some of those that are really keen will get the online subscriptions, like NBA League Pass, MLB.tv or NHL CentreIce. And being in Canada they are adept at using VPNs at getting content that is "only" available in the US, but that is increasingly becoming a cat and mouse game. My 9 y.o. heard me request music on Alexa and that is how she listens to music now - although she just figured out how to do searches on Spotify as well. The only problem is that this can cause conflicts when multiple people try to use the same account to play music on Spotify - generally the way that you set up your Echos is that they all use the same account so even if you have a family sub to Spotify it doesn't help.
  15. Realtime Event Webhook Driver

    Yes I would use that. What parameters would you have? URL, IP and command? I have written some python code that catches the command and then calls the API and this runs in Python on Ubuntu - Apache2. In this instance I am controlling LED light strips based on an unofficial "Flux LED" API using code adapted from here. The other thing you could add to this is a color command so rather than command=on you could pass color=red. But then you need a "colors" library to convert color names to RGB like the python webcolors package. @msgreenf said that he may look at writing a driver for these lights if he gets the time. But I am also using other commands on other parts of my system to kick off other options, like turn on the climate system or start charging for my car. In an ideal world there would also be direct C4 drivers for that.