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  1. I recently went from an Asus router to a Ubiquiti USG router. You mention modem/router - are you sure that there isn't a separate modem from your ISP? The Ubiquiti equipment does not act as a modem so you still need a cable or DSL modem. Once you get that solved I do like having all of the networking info together in the Ubiquiti Unifi Controller UI. To do this you need to go with the USG or USG Pro rather than their Edgerouter. There are a few things that the USG does not (yet) have in their GUI so you have to do them through the command line - this includes running VPN server on the device. But I like the device and the performance is good - when running speedtests I get a full 320/22 which is above my quoted speed of 250/20. The only downside is that I am not sure if it can handle gigabit service - so you might want to consider that.
  2. Wifi Cameras

    IMHO Blue Iris is a great solution to this and gives you NVR capabilities. It is a steal for $60 as it has tons and tons of capabilities and let's you use whatever camera you want. The downside is that you need a PC to run it on but I have it running on a PC that is always on doing other things. If you want suggestions on what cameras to use check out IPCam forums at . There is lots of expertise there on various cameras - the current favorites seem to by the Dahua Starlight line that perform very well in low light conditions.
  3. Pentair Pool Integration

    Especially when I can buy a Raspberry Pi Zero W for $10 that has all the functionality that you would ever need to act as an interface. Companies like Pentair and Jandy/Zodiac need to start creating a basic standard that allows their devices to communicate to the rest of the world and stop trying to screw their customers out of $500-$1000 for a smartphone interface. Why is this any harder to do then something like a $15 Wifi LED controller that let's me control lights and change colors? Why can't the pool companies integrate the same types of I/O in their products.
  4. Pentair Pool Integration

    Why is pool integration always so hard, so expensive and so incomplete? The last time I looked into this it would cost between $500-$1000 to get my pool system connected and it wouldn't allow me to control my Salt Water Chlorine Generator (SWCG) nor would it give me the status from the SWCG such as salt level, Flow on/off, etc.
  5. Does anyone else have this issue? I have good wifi coverage in and around my home as I have five Unifi WAPs. I have a strong signal on my phone and can browse the web, etc. But when I go to use the Control4 app it says that it can't connect to the system. After trying a second or third time it will connect. Is there anything that I can do to fix this? The way it is now it takes a while to play music or turn on a light as the initial connecting process often takes so long.
  6. Alexa C4 vs Epic Driver

    No, you still need to subscribe to for native Alexa integration but having a VPN is a cheaper (after year 1) and, at least IMHO, more useful way to get remote access to your Control4 system since it also gives you access to everything else on your LAN. Another advantage to the Epic systems driver is that it should work in any country whereas I think the native C4 driver may only work in the US, UK and (maybe) Germany.
  7. Alexa C4 vs Epic Driver

    The remote access issue can be solved by having a VPN which is very useful beyond C4. And there is a Control4 SMTP driver that you can buy to send emails if you need email functionality. It sells in a suite of 5 notification drivers from Chowmain for $100.
  8. I don't really use C4 for controlling my AV devices as I am happy using my Harmony remotes at the 8-9 TVs in my house. I don't want to buy that many C4 Controllers and/or remotes the family is used to using the Harmony Remotes. I play around with Plex a bit on iOS, Xbox and RPi, but mainly for video playback I use SageTV as I have SageTV extenders at all of my TVs and I have SageTV with multiple TV tuners (some connected to cable STBs) running on an unRAID server. IMHO SageTV continues to be the best DVR option available if you are tech-savvy, although Plex, Kodi, etc may be better for the playback of recorded video files. But neither of them are that good when it comes to DVRing TV content and the other programs that I have used to do that through the years, like BeyondTV and Windows MCE, have gone by the wayside. SageTV was dying but has somewhat come back to life as Google open-sourced it a couple of years ago and there is a bit of a development community. But the need for DVRs will go away in the near future as we move away from linear programming.
  9. It doesn't tell Control4 anything but it is a way to control a device like a Raspberry Pi without needing an IR device like a FLIRC.
  10. OK, good. Let's say that I had a Raspberry Pi - which I believe can use HDMI-CEC from your TV's remote. So this would give you a pretty icon and then you could still use the transport controls, etc from the TV's IR commands?
  11. What do these drivers allow you to do?
  12. Or use a VPN and ditch the 4sight sub.
  13. Control 4 Questions

    Although it gets expensive I would also suggest doing all of your lighting with C4, unless you are happy going with something like Hue. It is much more expensive but it gives you much more functionality. Also think about putting speakers in your ceilings or walls and wiring them back to a central point. I would also suggest putting in an Echo Dot in every room where you spend a decent amount of time - but that is a rounding error compared to everything else since you can usually get them for around $40 each.
  14. New Foscam Vuln

    But how do you know if you have an affected camera? As I said, many of these vulnerabilities are very common - like public default username/password combos. It is very likely that you, and all of us, have such devices. I word argue that all Control4 controllers suffer from one of these vulnerabilities, or at least they did, as they have non-random default root passwords. But you can't use that to your advantage unless the controllers is directly connected to the net, or port-forwarded. But if they are then they are t0tallyc0ntr0lable! To get back to my Foscam cameras, are they vulnerable if they are not and have not been connected to the web via port-forwarding? Wouldn't that then require someone having had access to your LAN, and if my LAN have been compromised then I would be more worried about stuff other than my IP cams. My stuff is only accessible via VPN or via the Blue Iris UI.
  15. New Foscam Vuln

    I do have some Foscam cameras but they are not the Opticam i5 HD or C2. It isn't totally clear if it is just these models or other models as well that have the vulnerabilities. It isn't totally clear from the article exactly what models have some vulnerabilities. However it does seem that there have been no firmware patches to address these issues. I looked at the 12 page report and it doesn't contain a lot of detail - as in telling you what the hard-coded user/passwords are. Therefore I don't know how you can check you camera(s) to see if they are vulnerable. By the way some of the vulnerabilities are extremely common - like non-default credentials for web UI. Many devices that I have use admin and no password or admin/admin as the default login. That is also true of many wifi routers which is more of a risk than having a camera hacked. Here is a report from Jan 2004 - I bet things haven't changed and it would only take a minute or two on Shodan to find Foscam cameras that use admin and no password as credentials.