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  1. Thanks Ryan - that would be the definitive answer, especially since you made the decision!
  2. This is very true - you can often find what you need already written in Python. For example, I have some LED lights that use a phone app called Magic Home. Someone has written Python called called flux_led to easily control these lights. If C4 used Python it would be very easy to turn these into a driver. It probably isn't hard to just convert the code to lua, assuming that they have the TCP socket reading and writing available, but with Python it would be trivial.
  3. Lua seems like a relatively obscure programming language, at least in 2017 (it doesn't make a list of the 20 most popular programming languages). It was developed in Brazil about 25 years ago. Is there any particular reason that C4 would have chose this as the language to use for drivers? Is there anything that makes it well suited for the purpose? Any reason why something like Java, Python or variations of C would not have been used instead - or is that just hindsight on what have become very popular languages?
  4. I have recently started using Blue Iris and it is a fantastic product for the price. It also allows you to use pretty much any IP camera and then view them in C4. There is a forum called IPCamTalk that has a lot of info on cameras and Blue Iris. Some of the folks there seem to really like the Dahua Starlight cameras these days as the best performer per $. There are some dealers on the forum that will ship the cameras for a good price - I think they are based in HK. There is a free Blue Iris driver for C4 that gives the ability to view cameras. And there is a third party driver from Audio Obsessions that gives all sorts of additional functionality.
  5. Good to hear - thanks Ryan.
  6. How would that work as this isn't actually a relay, don't I need a TCP action to Light driver rather than Relay to Light?
  7. That would be seriously annoying as I have lots of the older hardware like dimmers, switches and six buttons as I first got C4 installed close to a decade ago. This will act as an additional deterrent to SmartHome technology. Not only do you have to pay about $150+ for each light switch, but you can't count on them lasting a decade before they are no longer supported.
  8. I have some LED light strips in my kitchen that can be controlled by IP - they are compatible with the Magic Home phone app and flux_led. I have written some python code that controls this that can be accessed via a web browser. So when I get "" it will toggle the lights. I can access this web site in C4 thanks to the Chowmain Generic TCP driver. Is there any way I can make this appear in C4 as a light? Or would I essentially have to write my own driver to do that?
  9. Those look like the cup that you wear in an athletic supporter.
  10. You might want to think about cameras as well.
  11. That is correct Froggy but if you decide that you need camera functionality with recording capabilities then it may make sense to get a PC to dedicate to BI.
  12. I believe Mike is in Canada and I am not sure how many of those services are available here in the Great White North eh?
  13. The good thing about Blue Iris is that it acts as the source for cameras in C4 so it doesn't matter what camera you use as long as it works in Blue Iris and it seems that pretty much every camera works in Blue Iris.
  14. But can you use that type of device for Netflix, Hulu, etc? That's the advantage of using an Android TV box as it has a wide selection of apps for all streaming devices. The Xiaomi MiBox that Walmart sells for $69 is also very good for playback and much cheaper than the Shield. An alternative to a NAS is to set up a PC running unRAID and install dockers for Plex, etc.