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  1. Fibaro Z-Wave Home Center

    Vera Lite. I have suspected my vera controller, so it could be the issue. But Vera Lite should handle 10 units without problem, so I'm a bit puzzled about the devices that sometimes drop out.
  2. Fibaro Z-Wave Home Center

    It comes with a delay and if one unit loses connection it sometimes comes back with another ID, and cant be found in C4 without dealer assistance (happends 0-1 times a year for me). Also needs to be configured in two interfaces, if you install zwave DIY it could be cheaper. Im about to expand my 10 zwave-units with some more, so I am using them as a costeffective solution. But if money wasnt an issue I would leave zwave out.
  3. Fibaro Z-Wave Home Center

    Not Fibaro, but you could use Vera. It works as a costeffective solution, but for realibilty it is not as good as C4-pucks.
  4. Have the same issue with win10 pro, running as my family's fileserver Until a couple of weeks ago i used WHS2011 instead. That worked, and I had no idea it would be so hard (impossible?) to get this functionality with a later Win OS. All in Win10Pro is improved compared to WHS2011, but it looks I have to roll back to WHS because of this. I've tried to put WHS as a virtual server within my Win10, using VMware. But the filetransfer from the virtual machine was too slow so I ditched that idea before i tried it out completely. Why is it so hard to get Composer to connect to these shares? Does Cyknight know?
  5. What videofiles on average 400Mb? If they were ISO or MKV I would sugest a Dune. But maybe your needs are different (DVD-ISO is normaly about 3000Mb), so it could be done with something else. What did your dealer recomend?
  6. You cant transfer license, but they are connected to your account so the one that gets affected is the one that buys your old controller. If your controllers modellname ends with -1, the licences is included with the controller. You then need to buy a HC-800 that end with -1, or a EA-3.
  7. When a device changes state it sends its state to the controller. When the controller receives it send acknowledge. Polling have nothing to do with this procedure. If the controller restarts, it's able to "see" the devices state through polling.
  8. An SR260 with built in IR blaster

    Dont push your ideas on me. I AM a end user, and me and my family lives in our house. But I have a stable network, and when something fails, its not the network. If you have network trouble, fix your network. Dont use another type of command, and say you fixed a solution. If you know how the SR-250/260 works, how could you come up with this idea? Sound like you hit your head, but instead of drawing a flux capacitor, you came up with dual commands and believes that IR fixes everything.
  9. An SR260 with built in IR blaster

    It would be stupid as f@#k! my own system have 3 displays, all IR-controlled. So if something goes wrong it could be a solution to turn on the displays with the remote. But...they all have sound and inputs going through AV-switches that is controlled with IP or RS232, so I still can't hear anything or chose a source. And how should the remote go into "backup-mode"? If you just want to use it when everything fails, you can't control something that has failed. That includes a remote that is supposed to start sending IR-commands. The other option would be to always have it active. And if you happen not to point to your TV when you start your room, now you have an issue as most TV's have on/off-toggle. Or what about when you have your TV in front of you and your STB besides you? If you want your control-systems remote to send IR, you dont need a control-system, or have it poorly designed.
  10. Native Z-Wave Support

    What does this bring that the vera integration dont? except I only need to admin one system...
  11. DSC Alarm Config help needed

    I have my IT-100 connected to a GC Flex. Works like a charm.
  12. HC 250

    I've been running alot more on my HC-250, but I just upgraded to an 800 so there is a limit. I started with one room, and after a couple of years my 250 was running 7 rooms, audio in every room, video in 3, lights, alarms, cameras, doorbell and garden sprinkler. I had it upgraded to sw 2.8.2, so it plays nice with alla current firmwares. I would deffinitly start of with a HC-250, and see how far it holds off.
  13. Problem solved after great support from B&Wgroup. Turns out the driver in C4 database was out of date and and a updated one was posted on the Rotel homepage.
  14. I've just got a Rotel RC-1590, controlled via IP, installed in my system. It works as expected, but I don't get any feedback. My dealer was pretty puzzled, and talked about moving over to serial, but I don't have any more serial outputs, so that would give med an extra cost. That is why I turn to you guys to hear if anyone experienced the same thing. The driver tells us that it dont have network-connection, but of course it does, otherwise we shouldnt be able to control the device at all. We tried static/dynamic IP, different adresses, checked traffic on port, disabled firewalls, checked firmware, different ports on switch, different cables, etc. I'm out of ideas, any sugestions?
  15. Using the Controllers 12V power supply

    The available current for 12V contact outputs is 1.25A maximum, shared across all outputs. So somewhere around 15 Watts is max.