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  1. Wireless Outlet Dimmers

    Just still no dimming I presume either other brand outlets
  2. Wireless Outlet Dimmers

    I dont have the dongle yet. Also, a bummer that these outlets are not dimmable like the the control4 one...
  3. Wireless Outlet Dimmers

    Thanks, I see a GE 14288 on Amazon... I dont see a zw1002.... C4 has drivers for the switches you mentioned? Thanks!
  4. Wireless Outlet Dimmers

    What kind of range are you getting with the dongle?
  5. Wireless Outlet Dimmers

    Thanks for sharing your experiences! Having reliable lamp control should be a basic foundational item for COntrol4 to get right. Amazing these are such POS.
  6. Wireless Outlet Dimmers

    Thanks for alternatives!!!
  7. Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing issues with their outlet dimmers going in and out of connection to the system. They are consistently the most unreliable C4 component in my house. I have 4 of them ranging from 18mos to 5 years old and half of them are now coming in and out of zigbee connection and they are withing 15 feet of a controller. Crazy.
  8. Network Upgrade plan

    Ah, thanks for the explanation..... wasn’t familiar with this device.
  9. Network Upgrade plan

    Thanks for sharing. What is a midspam?
  10. Network Upgrade plan

    some unifi/ubiquiti switches you have to activate the POE port in the settings or set the voltage setting correctly...
  11. 48 Port Network Switch?

    they make awesome gear. On the 48 port, check the depth though to make sure you have room in your rack.
  12. Sony BRAVIA Apps

    same problem for me also
  13. Mine is definitely configured correctly... Great that you are fixing the issue. Oddly enough, I had given up and just purchased a new remote and cradle and when it was put into the same room as prior remote, the issue returned. So my $300 experiment yielded no different results
  14. I figured it out 😳. the screen saver temp was strangely defaulted to inside temperature.....