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  1. ejn1

    C4 Keypad Question

    I had to have the driver removed and reinstalled and that fixed it. Something must have gotten corrupted I guess. All fixed now.
  2. ejn1

    C4 Keypad Question

    you are probably correct. Thanks Matt, hope all is well!
  3. ejn1

    C4 Keypad Question

    The keypad is used to create a fan controller to a big ass fan. I have 3 other rooms with Big Ass Fans that are setup this way and work perfect. This one all buttons work perfect except for one button... Weird
  4. ejn1

    C4 Keypad Question

    Yeah, button is clicking as normal. Plus i just put a new engaved button and it did the same thing. I think it may be programming as i tried to press the button in composer and it wouldn't work there also so maybe thats a sign its not mechanical afterall. I've checked the programming 3 times already and looks solid but will look again.
  5. I also like those slotted fronts in a rack (with little brushes) to keep the cables organized...
  6. HI all, Anyone every experience 1 single button not work in a keypad? I have several keypads throughout the house and never have experienced this yet. Can one button short or mechanically fail? I have checked programming a couple of times now and everyone thing looks ok (have several other keypads configured in the same way). Any thoughts? Thanks!
  7. I've had this issue before. The dimmer can leave a trickle charge that some bulbs are sensitive to. I switched to a different brand bulb and that worked for me or you could switch to a c4 swirch not dimmer and that shoild work.
  8. I have 2 wirepath (snapav) NVRs that i would let go for cheap. PM me if interested. Works great with c4
  9. ejn1

    Garage door

    I connected at the door button onnwall and works great
  10. ejn1


    Companies can think well Apple or Microsoft does it, so i will as well.... Good luck on them! There will always the above in tech, not saying there wont but you better have a hell of value proposition to get indivduals to do it on a subject like Tstats or any other "secondary" component to their lifestyle.
  11. ejn1


    I agree you got to pay to play lol... There is an old saying that the customer is always right in this case of Nest (as an example of a CE product), they wont get my benjamins for the sensors so i think they are butthurt in this example. And, if they are working hard on their innovation pipeline of products and every 3-4 years i have to change my thermostats to access that pipeline, they will lose that game also with many existing customers, imo. And if the latter was needed, I would just get the Ecobee's from msgreenf versus buying another $750 of base thermostats from Nest. So in the future, not many folks are like Apple and can command that kind of constant churn in folks wallets.
  12. ejn1


    Thanks. Was making a wider comment than c4 on the smart home and how everyone wants an ongoing piece of the consumers wallet and some devices create a compelling enough value proposition to do it and some dont. I used thermostats and light switches as examples... obviously you vote with wallet. I used an example of the sensors which i would pay $99 to add to my system but wont spend 750 every 4 years on a thermostat to upgrade with it. Just trying to spark some thoughts from the forums and had nothing to do with a negative on c4.
  13. ejn1


    Appropiate user name . Sorry i pitched this point a little above your pay grade. Just disregard.
  14. I use jriver for my high end audio player needs but not sure i ever had the need for c4 integration. Maybe video is the linkage.