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  1. I see there is a version 1 and version 2 of the caseta pro hub. Does version 1 have any issues with c4 integration for Lutron shades? Thanks!
  2. ejn1

    Ubiquity Waps

    How is your UniFi controller software running ? On a PC or via cloud key?
  3. ejn1

    Ubiquity Waps

    A local controller needs to be cloud enabled and then you and your other tech can access via iphone or android....
  4. If mostly for TV, i would go with a Denon X series AVR or an Anthem AVR if you want a step up.
  5. If you want a little higher end, Hegel H190 has c4 drivers provided by Hegel.
  6. ejn1

    Best Center Channel Speaker

    I have tried several and the best I’ve had so far is a Triad passive... the bigger clunkier one, not the real low profile versions. Paradigm Reference and Goldenear make good passive LCR. I would though go passive and power it separately. I installed a Leon in a second home and wasn’t impressed.
  7. ejn1

    Remote Reboot

    Thanks Gary, That indeed worked!
  8. ejn1

    Remote Reboot

    i saw that, may need to get it installed but dont think i have it now
  9. ejn1

    Remote Reboot

    ok, thanks for the quick response.
  10. Hi all, is it possible to reboot my C4 controller in my second residence remotely from the IOS app or C4 website? Thanks!
  11. ejn1

    EA-5 work with 8 Zone Amplifier

    I have my ea-3 digital out going to a DAC and then analog out to a 8 channel multiroom amp. I have the amp all channels linked to the one output of the ea3. Although nice, The matrixed solution was never worth the complexity and cost to me.
  12. Or you can do it directly in IOS c4 app or touchscreen...
  13. Mine has run for almost 3 years without an issue with C4. Their gear is really nice and great value. I would stick with the UniFi line vs Edge as it’s easier for a non pro to deal with... My C4 system doesn’t have video distribution so can’t comment on that.
  14. ejn1

    Question on keypads

    I dont believe the wired keypad can be wired to control a load directly. It is just powered to be on the network and can control other loads that have their own C4 switch /dimmer via programming. If you want the keypad to also directly control the load, you need the keypad dimmer. Not sure if this is your question.
  15. ejn1

    Russound MCA88x

    I have this system and there are two updated drivers available on the Russound website. Maybe try those?