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  1. Very nice. I have 3 Haiku's in my house and they are awesome. Assume you only have to purchase 1 driver for your overall home to control multiple fans?
  2. What's the pattern? 🤔
  3. So we should avoid the Old Somfy URTSii controller now for C4 integration? I'm looking at a new installation.
  4. ...
  5. I wasn't sure also if the IT100/HSIM worked with the new DSC Neo panels. I used the IT100 with my DSC panel but never used with NEO.
  6. That looks a bit like the DSC IT100.... Assuming this wont allow use of the new C4 security GUI?
  7. I have one in light almond
  8. I'm not 100% but I believe both the CD8080 and the TL280 both connect via the same PClink2 port so it appears you will have difficulty using both concurrently.
  9. Not sure but i have it setup on my synology NAS
  10. The big addition is that Unifi USG give free cloud access through a very good IOS app. It enables you to do just about everything you can do local also via the cloud IOS app.
  11. Both do HDR
  12. You need to replace your EdgeRouter Lite with a Unifi Security Gateway.
  13. The free cloud service via Unifi is indeed a great feature.
  14. You need to pull flap down and then insert a small head flat screwdriver.... Push in and pry out a bit until you can wiggle out. You can even use the flap when open to help pull out after you get it started with the screw driver
  15. agree with sturama but I use the USG Gateway so you can have the Unifi controller interface which is a little simpler gui.