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  1. Yeah, im sure you can switch but i was meaning you have to have a dealer setup your OVRC account and it links to them .... similar to Control4 i guess. I see the value in a dealer model for Control4 but dont see it for a simple power strip remote control app. And if you ever have a warranty issue, you have to route those through dealer as well. Just a heavy model for power strips in my opinion. But I do like there gear. I did have one of my IP watt box brick though which was a disappointment.
  2. Wattbox products are great but a shame they lock you to a dealer for a simple OVRC app.
  3. ejn1

    Shades again

    Thanks for the comments all...
  4. Hi all, I've got a second property that needs shades/blinds and just want to check if the general consensus (if there is one) is that the most reliable C4 integration is with the Lutron shades? Thanks!
  5. My ios screen looks identical to yours. I can click the history the button on the bottom and it will show the history but my button to the right of the emergency button is grayed out like your pic.... The functions button is also grayed out on my T3 touchscreen. Not sure what this button does as I see history and zones buttons and they are active unless you are trying to use this interface as the "sole" keypad for your DSC system? eg to clear error codes, get into installer menu etc? Doesn't look like the C4 driver gives that full access as a DSC keypad would.
  6. I can see the History tab on my Control4 Touchpad....
  7. No worries, i'm thick skinned as there is always someone who Knowsitall.... The comment about the wrong load was premature and just ignorant to state so definitively. My post was just asking if anyone has seen this error before as this was a first for me and I was certainly not fishing for an RMA support. I had already tried the 13-4-13 and it hadn't worked (or responded to the reset command) but I should've mentioned that at the start. Ironically, it came back to life on its own so a bit strange all in all.
  8. I dont think you can use another brand NVR but not 100%. Unifi just came out with a new NVR for $200 that also has the Unifi controller software built in. I just installed it in a second home and its slick.
  9. I have my unifi cameras with the generic ip driver and they work fine. I haven't tried the flex camera but its the same Unifi interface so assuming it works the same.
  10. lol... I was just reporting back the error it was throwing off...
  11. Nope, it has just came back to normal operation on its own. It was in this red blinking light stage for about 1.5 days...
  12. Thx, Load has been dimmable for a while.... Just all of a sudden this happened.
  13. $79 Unifi Flex G3 Camera. Impressive little camera for the money and works with the generic IP driver for C4.