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  1. I haven't really tested it because I have a patio light on during the evening but I dont think it comes on automatically but maybe that's a setting that I dont have properly checked.
  2. In total darkness with infrared?
  3. Great to hear its working now Ivan!
  4. There is no driver for the DVR but there is one for the video streams. For the DVR you can use their appliance or use their free software on any windows or Linux machine. Their software is great and cloud service is free for phone access.
  5. I believe the cameras require a special voltage if memory serves me (maybe 24v)?
  6. No Unifi on your list?
  7. I love the Ubiquiti gear and have 10 Unifi IP cameras in my house and they are awesome. I have the generic IP driver to get them into C4 which you can view via Navigator with the new EA series controllers.
  8. Thanks a lot man, this helps to to know i'm not alone on this.... I would rather just hold out until the next upgrade vs rolling back to 2.9.0... Have you tried using via DLNA like mentioned above? Thanks
  9. I can run dlna but prefer to use Minimserver if you think that would be better than accessing directly to the Synology?
  10. Rape and Pillage
  11. Any thoughts on what may be causing the glitchy behavior.... Am I running a library too big for C4 to manage? Thanks!
  12. I think most of the current HDbaseT will do 4K24 or 4K30 at HDR 4:2:0 over Cat6...
  13. I dont believe they have a future balun at the moment... Nothing that I've seen (over Cat-6) can transmit at 18.2 Gbps which is required for full 4k UHD HDR 4:4:4 color reproduction. Cat 6 is still limited to 10.2 Gbps. I've read that Atlona is releasing a new version to tackle this problem but the transmission is still capped at 10.2 Gbps but they have created some sort of compression scheme to transmit 4:4:4 HDR. I use currently Celerity Fiber with baluns but I have found the baluns can be glitchy to some HDMI handshakes when running through an AVR which most folks do I would suspect on longer runs.
  14. Hi, Just wanted to relay that I've been experiencing some glitchy behavior when using my C4 navigator to access my music library via the My Music button on screen. I have a EA-3 synced to my music library which resides on a Synology NAS. I have a large music library of around 23,000 tracks with about half off them being a high resolution format (my memory on the EA-3 doesnt appear to be anywhere near maxed). What I see sometimes is that when scrolling through artists, on occasion it truncates my A-Z artist library. Then a few minutes later it truncates another portion of the A-Z library then it reappears. Also, sometimes I get into a artist, then see the album, then see the track, hit play, then it just appears to be trying to play the song, then kicks out of the screen back to the C4 navigator menu. It can sometimes do this a few times, then finally work. Or sometimes I then switch to another track and then go back to the one I was having an issue with an in all of a sudden works then. At some point or another when I do get the song to play, the high resolution formats I have in my FLAC library aren't a problem with the EA-3. It can play them per the specs. Just for reference, I have in my home an Auralic music server that I have never seen any issues with (no offense to C4, but the software for the Auralic is much better than the C4 2.9.1 when it comes to music). I have also on my PC, Jriver Media center which none of these issues. I mention the above as I don't think the problem resides with accessing the Synology NAS. Appreciate any thoughts and also wanted to share my challenges on this...