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  1. Good to know... I dont see the min RSSI setting only the ability to adjust power levels on the custom power settings...
  2. Thanks Rolldog. You and I have a very similar system and approach. I have setup my my AP's with wifi analyzer and have used many of the tactics and features you mention and I have been using their APs also for a couple of years. Maybe the only difference with my system and yours is that I like to setup a dedicated 2.4 SSID and a dedicated 5GHz SSID rather than use band steering etc. This way i can guarantee getting off of the congested 2.4Ghz freq for equipment that can do it. On my T3, I think the issue was probably my error that I mentioned above. I had added another AP to a far corner of the house and it was on the 5Ghz SSID but i had forgot to disable the 2.4 band on just that one AP. So the T3 was connected back and forth to it and the SSID for the 2.4 and I was wrongly thinking the T3 was 5Ghz capable since it connected. I haven't had a drop yet now that i fixed that AP but if I do then the next thing I will do is fix the T3 to one particular AP versus letting it roam. I do think however that the T3 has jumped around more than my ipads and other devices and you have seen others mention that 2.10 improved T3 wifi which indicates to me that something warranted improvement . I will keep watch on the T3 and see how it does but so far its ok since i fixed that AP. Also, is the default power High? Mine are all on "Auto" setting and I thought that was default but not sure.
  3. Good to know. Thanks Matt
  4. agree. i'm hoping this will improve its performance.
  5. Pretty much every update i go through, i can almost predict the cinegration doorbird driver to have some issue. After 2.10, the driver is seeing the doorbird and logging events, and camera working but the SIP / Intercom setup is not working with the C4 T3 intercom. I can set the driver up in my sleep now ive done it so many times and cant imagine how the average homeowner could deal with this without having their integrator on speed dial. I may just have to try the Annex driver this weekend and just punt on this driver. For $200, I was hoping for a bit more stability.
  6. a lot of times im sure. In this case, you would think the T3 just sees 2 SSID's one with a stronger signal. Not sure even in my example above why that should cause several drop outs on the T3.
  7. i have a ubiquiti home network with WAPs across the house. Your comment about 5G sparked a thought to check something as i have a dedicated 5G SSID that this touchscreen was connecting to periodically albeit with weak signal and then it would revert back to 2G. I noticed that on a far room WAP that I added after the fact that on that WAP I did not exclude the 2G bands on the 5G SSID So I fixed that and now it wont at least try to flip to the 5G network which was really a far away WAP with 2G on it. I dont know if that is the issue in the end but I will watch it and report back. As the guy above posted, some T3's in his system are stable and some not so not sure. Thanks for triggering the check as i thought the T3 was 5G capable since it was connecting to my 5G network (i thought).
  8. 0 My exact experience
  9. Hi, I have a T3 in my system that unfortunately has not ethernet connection so I have to go wifi. I have had fairly consistent reboots and losing wifi issues with it from the start. I have a fairly robust wifi network and have tried 2.4 and 5Ghz connections and the T3 reacts pretty much the same with either. Are there any tricks that i'm missing to get more stability out of this connection? Thanks in advance!!!
  10. Garage door sensor setup?

    That sounds like a great add to the line up.
  11. agree, they have made several free drivers for equip i own, Anthem, Oppo, Paradigm... I just wish they would have given this free doorbird driver before i paid $200 for it from Cinegration!
  12. doorbird probably paid them to do it to compete with the c4 intercom app
  13. Garage door sensor setup?

    so one is a contact relay sensor installed on the door itself and other is a zigbee transmitter of sorts?
  14. 2.10 Considerations

    ah ok, that explains it. Many thanks. I seem to recall in the past it had a drop down of all the versions available.
  15. Garage door sensor setup?

    Didnt C4 just release a new sensor at CEDIA?