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  1. EdgeRouter PoE

    This guy does a great job with his video's.... Very nicely done.
  2. EdgeRouter PoE

    You will love the unifi gear
  3. Crestron vs Control4

    Thing is that I have all of my control 4 gear so the only real work is changing the light switches and programming updates
  4. Crestron vs Control4

    Not that hard for me to remove and honestly home buyers rarely pay the true value of a home automation system imo unless they are specing it new.... I would leave a few things behind but not my full system
  5. Crestron vs Control4

    yeah, that was my suspicion... I doubt i'll get this house in the end but if I did, i'm likely to just move my C4 gear over as I'm very comfortable with it.
  6. Crestron vs Control4

    I have HE and use it a lot.... not sure of complete system but it I did see some lighting and 10 inch touchscreens in the house. I doubt it has HDMI matrix
  7. Just curious the forums views on compare and contrast of Crestron vs C4? I was looking at a home that has a full home Crestron automation solution installed with touchscreens, lighting and AV control. If I were to proceed would it be worthwhile to remove my C4 system and replace the Crestron or live with the latter? thx!
  8. DSC neo

    I have the DSC NEO and Nest option. Dave offers come good points of monitoring but for me, i have had so many smoke detector false alarms (not many with Nest though) that I’m not sure i want that to trip my alarm for a police or fire call out each time. Also, I have my Nest integrated with C4 but not sure what to do with that integration. I guess maybe you could have it trigger an email event if a detector goes off but Nest i thought does that also.
  9. All, I have a 55XBR930E via the IP C4 driver with a Dish Joey connected, an ATV4 and a Roku 4. i have noticed a weird thing that when i hit on my SR260 Watch ATV, it comes to the Apple TV input, then nothing appears on the screen, then the remote swiches to Sony Bravia and controls the TV apps. If I hit ATV again, then it goes to ATV per normal. On the Roku, i have under "Watch" a Roku selection and Roku channels selection. WHen i hit Watch Roku, the roku menu appears on the TV, but the remote screen says Roku channels and the SR260 wont control the Roku. If i now hit Watch Roku again, the SR260 stays on Roku and controls it fine. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  10. Is that screenshot from the DSC remote software? I loaded all of my settings via the panel touchpad and followed the C4 instructions step by step.
  11. Control4 Relay

    Well, I connected to both of my wall pads (for 2 garage doors) and it works perfectly. I was assuming it was digital originally as the wall pads had only a 2 wire going to them yet they open and closed the door, plus had a lock button and another light on/off button. But i just took a 22AWG two conductor and wired to the same screw terminal on the wall pad to the C4 relay (the wallpad had its own wire going to the door opener itself also). Whenever the C4 relay is closed, the door toggles open or closed depending on its last position. The button on the wall pads also does the same thing so either can be used. All works great so far. Btw, this is the way my dealer said to wire originally but just doubted it for the above reasons but he was right
  12. I'm controlling my system via IP. Works great with my C4 system. I'm not using the Neo Go app...
  13. Control4 Relay

    im going to try to wire the c4 relay straight to the opener wire block... On second thought, I am going to at least try to wire to the wall unit first... I read a thread on Marantec and this may work. Will report back to let others know the solution....
  14. Control4 Relay

    Thanks for reply, This is the new C4-Z2IO relay. I think i just realized that I will not be able to tie into the wall switch as it only has 2 wires and it has 3 buttons so it much be a digital switch. I'm going to have to run a wire straight to the opener (s) . Many thanks!