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  1. Do other bonjour devices discover across your wifi / LAN? Some AP'a can block bonjour I'm assuming bonjour is in play here
  2. Josh sorry for delay I used this one as it was clean: all I had to do is create a link for /homes/myuser/customsettings and link it to /root/.homebridge and place the .json files there
  3. Anyone managed to integrate these $20 smart plugs? ive tried Chowmein and also tried orvfms middlemen and can't get them to work - I don't think the newer B25 firmware is supported
  4. I have a managed switch (ubiquiti unifi) because I want to do things like see what mac addresses are connected to what ports, see how much power each port is pulling, configure alerts and so on. I also have ubiquiti unifi access points and cameras so it makes sense. Beyond wanting to gain metrics from it the only other reason you might want a managed one is if you have some kind of security or technical requirement to have multiple VLAN's. If you dont need/want any of this stuff then theres no need to have one.
  5. Hi Joshua, So, got the driver working. The main advantage it offers over web events is status feedback but whats really lacking is the dynamic update of drivers in Homekit without having to copy/paste the JSON from the LUA tab. I understand this is a feature which you have in your hardware appliance. I think you should consider making a docker image (that you could charge for) as an alternative to your hardware appliance. I'm sure other people like me don't want additional hardware. Stu
  6. Its very quick, I was using Alan's IFTT driver previously which I would imagine is similar in speeds to the native driver and this is definitely faster - usually the action is finished before Alexa says "ok" I have been playing around with Homebridge and Siri and this is even faster, Siri is just so much more slick than Alexa and using @Joshua Pressnell driver which provides feedback you can ask more intelligent questions like "Siri, what lights are on?" and its less prescriptive than Alexa so you can use slight variations of words.. for example I if I say Dining Room or Dining Area Siri seems to understand but with Alexa it HAS to be "Dining" and if I include any other words she doesn't know what Im talking about. IMO: homebridge+siri > ha-bridge+alexa
  7. I work alongside dealers but am not one directly, the biggest thing I am looking for is motion detection to kick off events - have you found a method to do this? We have at least two projects with NVR's in them if you want feedback.
  8. I currently have the NVR working through the generic IP camera driver.. bit of a mission getting the snapshot and RTSP working but it works.. how will your driver differ?
  9. YES ME!
  10. ignore - working now
  11. I used to be an avid kodi (XBMC) fan but have moved over to Plex exclusively over the years. Plex support is as wide spread as Kodi these days and it gives you the added benefit of being able to easily cache shows/movies onto your iPad in preparation for a road trip/flight - a task that is substantially more difficult with Kodi. You could even create separate libraries for kid safe material, give your kids their own username and only allow them access your kid safe content on their tablets etc. If you have more than one home you can stream content across them - we often take an Amazon TV with us on holiday and stream anything in our library to our holiday destination. If you have friends who run Plex you can share libraries. The only issue that I had with Plex over Kodi is the requirements for a powerful transcoding platform. I ran a Synology NAS for a while with a Nuc doing the transcoding (Synology NAS - except the really expensive ones are not powerful enough) but even though this is a relatively light setup it was still more problematic than not having to have this middle man. I built myself a NAS running a hacked copy of the Synology DS software (which has plex server apps) and now run plex on the NAS itself and have not looked back.. its solid and fast and gives the additional benefit of being able to run docker containers for any other bits and bobs.
  12. Could you link that driver here please ill do some testing with docker and report back - nevermind, found it
  13. Or could you provide one.. to cut down on the amount of kit...
  14. Ok excellent.. well worth it then! You mention that you will sell a driver only version of your product, I assume it will be reasonable to run homebridge in docker and retain all of the above features?