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Thanks!  I was able to set it up as Cyknight said and it did then show up on my app.  I first did a search of my local cable provider and all the channels they have came up. I added a few channels just to test it out.   The problem, after I set it up, if I go to the app and choose one of those channels, it'll start everything up, but it won't actually switch to the channel.   It'll pop up onto the screen and enter the channel number that I want it to go to, but it's missing the pressing enter function after that to actually go there.  Is this something my integrator can add or a feature that is missing and not possible with the channels feature?


I'm currently trying this on my Comcast box via IR.   As I mentioned, I'll have my TIVO box at some point today (still need to grab a cable card from Comcast later too), so it probably won't be setup until tomorrow, as I'll also then need my integrator to add the TIVO drivers in.  The TIVO box will be setup via IP.   Will I set the channels up the same way or does TIVO function differently once it's setup, as msgreenf mentioned TIVO was adding this in his post a few months back.  Is it available yet? 


Thanks again!

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