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Audio Matrix with Amp


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I have a situation where we used the 16x16 audio matrix and 2 TruAudio Amps. How can I trigger the amps to turn on when an audio/video zone is being played and off when not used. We are having issues with the amp turning off when it is set to auto and we don't want to keep it on all the time.

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Did the same thing recently with 15 zones of MR across 3 10 channel amps (actually 11 channel Yamahas, designed for theater and not using the 11th channel...) it was quite simple.


When ANY zone on the amplifier turns on, close the relay for the trigger.


When a zone turns off, a little simple programming:


When zone 1 turns off

     if zone 2 is off

           if zone 3 is off

                 if zone 4 is off

                       if zone 5 is off

                               open relay


Obviously this isn't 100% accurate, just a general idea of how I did it.

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