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Xbox shutdown timer

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Looking for programming ideas on how to program an Xbox to allow my son to use it a set amount of time each day and then not allow it to be turned back on. I have a delay set now from the "on" trigger but after it shuts off, he just has to turn it back on and resets it for another 60 minutes. Any way to program once it turns off to be able to keep it off until the next day and it resets? Possibly do the same programming for Apple TV, cable etc. to limit access.

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Indeed, plus nothing stops them from turning on the XBOX with a controller.


It all depends on how far you want to take it.



A warning announcement at 15 minutes

Blinking lights on a ten minute counter (once a minute

Then shut off power to XBOX (outlet switch)

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Alternatively use the Xbox built in parental controls to limit amount of play time allowed and/or day time of use. Easy to set up and settings locked by pin code - without the code the console is locked for all game play

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