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Integer to string conversion

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Help! Please tell me that Composer has an integer to string conversion routine somewhere or there is a smart way to do this...

I have created a number (8 at this stage) of numeric variables that I allow to move between 0 and 30 and they control delays on things like putting the house in holiday mode, turning off or on underfloor heating etc. I can increase and decrease the variables from my Touchscreen using the StartHere App. I want to use them for when I go on holiday. For instance, I can set (the relevant one) to 5 and this will turn the heating off after 5 days (if, say, my inlaws are going to use the house for the first 5 days), another one would be set to 20 to turn the heating back on after 20 days to get the house warm for our return the next day (I.e. After 3 weeks).

I have all the programming (including the use of the variables and increasing and decreasing the 8 variables via a page in StartHere) working perfectly, but I cannot display the variable's current value in StartHere because I need a text field not an integer field! The only way that I can see to do this involves 60 lines of code for each of the 8 variables... The first two lines of code would be:

If variable1 = 1 then

set text1 to "1"

There must be an easier way?

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You could write one start each one of the 8 then cut and paste and find replace in an xml editor.

Of course you would have made a backup of the project before embarking on that.

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And this is highly unrecommended

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Sorry to harp on at this... I am resigned to the fact that this will not be easy but I am still looking for an easier way out. I have realised that I don't need to do this 8 times - once will work (in a macro using a dummy integer and a dummy string). I then pass the dummy integer a value before running the macro and use the dummy string as the ultimate output before running everything again (yes that is obvious but it took me all day to realise :-)).

I was then thinking that I could possibly cut down the code in the macro (and make this work more generically) if there is a way to combine strings... I.e. I could get the first digit into a string (string1) and the second digit into a string (string2). Without mods and ints etc. this would not be that simple but should be doable and could then be used for any number range...

But I suspect there is no way to combine strings. The solution I would then need is StingToUse = string1 + string2

So my comment for other users trying to do something similar is remember you can make this work by doing it once in a macro and my question for the gurus on this forum is: is there a way to combine strings in C4?

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