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Lots of stuff for sale


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Hey Everyone,


I have a ton of stuff that's been building up so time for a clean out.  Feel free to ask about any of the following items and I can provide pictures at request.  Other than that make me an offer.


Control4 Stuff....

HC800 (with licenses)

HC250 (with licenses)

several SR250s

Control4 Thermstat


Binary Stuff

B-320-1-HDIR HDMI transmitter (x2)

B-320-1-HDIR HDMI receiver (x2)

B-210 HDMatrix Receiver


I also have some random RTI stuff as well as some logitech stuff.  If anyone is interested in any of that just ask.  Thanks!


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Hey Everyone.  I've had A LOT of questions about whether the fireplace switch will work with a certain manufacturer fireplace.  The way the fireplace switches work is they are powered by 110 power just like a regular light switch, then they have 2 low voltage wires that you would wire to your fireplace to trigger the on/off.  You'll have to take that info and figure out if it will work for your setup.   thanks!

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