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Nested (complementary) media scenes


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what's your experience with programming nested media scenes?



For example, linking [source selection] of all zones in the house,

but with [volume] and [mute] independent for each floor.


1st Floor: Zone A, B

2nd Floor: Zone C, D


Media Scene "All" linked [source selection] for: Zone A, B, C, D


Media Scene "1st Floor" linked [volume] and [mute] for: Zone A, B


Media Scene "2nd Floor" linked [volume] and [mute] for: Zone C, D

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Media scenes seemed like a good idea, but I've started to move mine over to straight programming and joining rooms together without scenes. For simple "turn all these zones on at once" media scenes seem to be fine, but doing anything else seems to be more trouble than it's worth.

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