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Can the Logitech Harmony remotes work with Control4?



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Realistically? No.

Using previous gen hardware, you had the ability to 'read' ir signals on the fly in the system, and then program based off of what codes were received - but it would be convoluted at the best of times to setup (ie you'd set the Logitech remote up with just TV's, create activities where it would only send a TV on/off signal which you program off of, then program each TV with the same IR coding for each button, which you then program to trigger commands to the room to match the actual use)

Occasionally this ability was used for VERY specific applications (ie waterproof remotes - now I just tell them to get a waterproof phone like the Sony XperiaZ ones), but it was rare. (though I'm still unclear as to why this was excluded in the newer controllers -HC250 and HC800- as I can't imagine it was a huge cost saver)


Adding the HUB etc just makes this even more convoluted unless you just want to use it to 'transmit' the IR output to a central controller

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I would think that the answer is yes - assuming that someone wants to write a driver.

There is an official API for this but it isn't public.  There is also an unsupported API and there is a bit of code out there on the web to use as an example.  You can get the config info out of the Harmony hub in JSON form.  See http://sourceforge.net/projects/harmonyhubcontrol/ or https://github.com/jterrace/pyharmony

I have played around with some coding in Python to control my Logitech hubs.  I have a web page which shows the Current Activity for the five Hub based remotes on my house and then I can select activities from a web page.

I could see practical application for this as the Logitech Smartcontrol remote+hub can be found as low as C$90.  Think of that as an IR blaster that is controllable via IP.  So as long as someone writes the code you could do this.  And it is cheaper than buying a C4 controller for each room.  But you might be able to do that even cheaper with something like an RPi with a Flirc.


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You likely would be able to make an IR blaster that is IP controlled with an RPi Zero and Flirc but then you would need to write a C4 driver as well and maintain the driver, unless you wanted to do it in a kludgier way like using the Generic IP driver.  You are probably better off using a Control4 Z2IO device althought they do seem kind of overpriced at around $180.

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