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How to code a button to play a Pandora station


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I am using composer HE 2.8.  I have a 6 button keypad, button 3 is going to be my audio.  Here is what I want to do:

  • 1 press = Pandora, Station 1 (running off my c4 controller)
  • 2 press = wireless bridge
  • press and hold = audio off

Can anyway post a picture of the code they use to select Pandora, login to Pandora, and set to a station?

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Also, you don't have to program logging into Pandora.  

That should already be set at the driver level under Monitoring.  If not, go to the Actions page and hit the login button.  (This should be a ne time event, but there was a bug introduced in 2.8.0 where sometimes after a controller reboot the session is not re-established)

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you will need to select a button on the left side of the programming tab(device events) on the right side find the pandora driver (device actions)

programming will need to look like this

on button press

     select pandora XXX station in XXXX room

On double tab

    select music bridge in XXXX room

on Triple tap

    Room Off


or the more intuitive

On button press

    If room is selected on music bridge

                   turn room off


If room is selected digital media

        select music bridge in XXXX Room


select Pandora XXXXX station in XXX room

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