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Leaving the Mesh



Does any one know of a way to program based off of something leaving the zigbee network? 


Nyce Sensors is developing a"home tag" that does just that...but last I heard that won't be available for a couple years. 


I'm looking for a temporary solution.

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Why are you posting it twice?

I don't know of a way to detect a device 'leaving' the system.  Control4 doesn't immediately mark devices as 'offline' when it stops being able to communicate with them, because for most mobile (moveable, not cellular) devices, they're designed to not check in frequently.  A device has to miss a certain number of checkins before it is marked offline.

Even if Control4 did mark devices offline quicker, there's currently no programmatic way to do Control4 programming based on online/offline status of devices, so it's even 'more' unavailable.




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53 minutes ago, RyanE said:

Why are you posting it twice?

I didn't mean to. I'm still trying to fugue out the site.


I thought there wasn't a way to do what I want to do...but maybe someone found a way. 


Thanks anyway. 

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