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When does panelized lighting make sense


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It makes sense where rooms have multiple light sources and you don't want to wall wart up the wall.

Also in corridors and spaces you want to use motion not wall wart switches.

Rooms when there is one fixed circuit and others you would want local control e.g. Bedside lights do better with axxes dimmers and a keypad dimmer by the door.

An example in my home is the kitchen. It has two ceiling light circuits.

Under, over and in cabinet lighting and a rgb light alcove.

11 channels of light control. All controlled by scenes on a keypad dimmer which controls one of the overhead circuits.

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1 hour ago, RyanE said:

If you *do* go the route of panelized lighting, be sure and install wired keypads in vital locations, programmed to allow you to control the system even without a Control4 controller in the system.



Yep, hybrid systems are best - have several wired keypads in locations where control is VITAL (one in each living space most likely) and intersperse with the wireless version to build your ZigBee Mesh.


Frankly, if you're building and can do it now (meaning deal with C4 dealer and electrician and builder to get this done right) - it's a better option than going 'traditional' lighting if you intend to control all the house lights.

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We're actually considering using some Panelized for a remodel job.  Have to strip out old knob and tube in 100+ year old house.  Runs to lights are going to be tricky enough, with lots of plaster repair, but running lights to switches, and switch legs, would make an even bigger mess.  Panelized may help us mitigate those runs between lights and switches, where fishing low voltage for keypads, will be easier.

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