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I'd like to program one of the keypad dimmer buttons in the bathroom to join whatever audio source is playing in the master bedroom. I'm assuming this will be done through a media scene and choosing those two rooms. I'm just unclear what programming and or conditionals will be required to accomplish this. I know how to choose a particular source or playlist, I'm just unclear how to choose whatever is playing in the  bedroom.

Any suggestions? Thanks.


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Using a media scene is different than joining an active audio source.  If you want multiple rooms to all start/join a source at the same time, use a media scene.

To join a source, use the programming controls under Digital Media.  (This doesn't apply to all sources - some may require a bit more logic and selecting the source using conditional clauses).


You can get pretty creative - I have a macro that trys to join rooms in order.  My Music button for the kitchen has logic like this:

  If Master Bath on, join Master Bath source, stop

  if Front Hallway on, join Front Hallway source, stop

  if Downstairs on, join Downstairs source, stop.

  cycle through kitchen music options (I have 5)


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WHEN button is pressed
IF kitchen currently selected device is digital media
Join dining to kitchen session {function under 'digital media', not the room}
Set Dining Current_Selected_Device to the value of Kitchen Current Selected_Device {under the room variables} 


This holds for MOST setups.


Yes, the "current_selected_device" would do video sources as well.

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