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Are keypads same as fan control switches?



The dealer in my area is selling me fan control switches but they look exactly like the keypads are they the same thing? One of the installers once told me they can be used as keypad to control lights for example but the dealer says it can't. 


Thank you 

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They are fully customizable, like the keypads, but are otherwise different. They have circuitry to control the fan speed which they regular customizable keyapds do not have. The button layout and button functions can be completely customized.

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Hi, I am a dealer and installer. You can substitute a fan speed controller for keypad. However, the buttons on the front face will only stay in the same configuration but can be used for anything. Then, you could use a different interface for ie. iOS app or touchscreen or have another button bound to the fan. From a different key pad somewhere else in the house. Hope this helps! And happy automating!

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Some basic on on c4 lighting works

Dimmers are for one load of lights

Switches are for one load of what you want on and off control

Fan speed controllers are for use with 1 fan motor for variable control

Keypad dimmers are for one load of lights

configurable keypads have multiple power sources, and control options, but cannot directly control a load

2 button keypads can only be used in conjunction with a another c4 lighting project and has basic controls only and no status leds


All c4 lighting products are complete customization, with either bound control, so even if c4 is down it will control the load. You can also program every button to do anything you want with in your c4 system. Status led can also be completely programmed or bound to specific loads. Configurable keypads can be arranged in any button format you would prefer for each location. If you have bad switch locations you can swap controls.

IE  I had a customer with two lights in the basement. the light at the bottom of the stairs and one other other side of the room for the bar. The switch at the bottom of the stairs turned on the bar. the switch at the bar turned on the light by the stairs. obviously not intuitive. With two c4 dimmers even though they were physically wired to different loads i programmed that the button by the stairs turn on the light by the stairs and vice versa.


Case in point c4 lighting is extremely versatile and powerful to the point where one button can wake up the whole house, make your coffee, water the grass, heat up the Jacuzzi, secure the alarm, queue the mood music, and lower the lights. Point is if you can control it, and imagine it, it can likely be done.

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