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I have a client that cannot get speeds any faster than 4 down and on a good .5 up,over uverse.  I have a modem router combo and you cannot and they will not put it into bridged mode.  THey will not provide a modem only.  I have HC800 running director ... C4 audio 8x8 audio matrix .... HC250 in the theater and the amp is a Yamaha A2050 ... Everything running hard wired to the network.  There is the apple extreme running in bridged mode only for wireless as well as a apple express hard wired as a wireless extender.   The Pandora can stream all day long from the HC800 with no problems then all of the sudden it starts to experience network issues and will not play Pandora.


If you try to remote connect to the system it will be vary sporadic and tech support can not establish a stable connection.  I have spent countless hours using DOS to do a continual ping for drop outs....I have even taken devices off one att a time to try to pinpoint the issue.  It is all new wring with certified cat5e connections.  


So last night my customer had a party and all day they played Pandora with no issues then once they had guests over and the Pandora stopped.  They called ATT&T and of course they said it is a wiring issue.  I really would like to resolve this issue as I am now working for free to resolve this...


any suggestions >>

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Not ideal but worth a shot to try. If ATT is providing such terrible service maybe they cap daily use too? Not that streaming Pandora eats up tons of data but next time it stops try tune in and see if they can stream that. Or pull up Netflix and see if you can watch a movie. 

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