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Video's Audio routed through C4 Matrix Amp?



Hi there, advice needed about routing the Video's Audio through the Control4 matrix Amp, so i can utilise Ceiling Speakers, as opposed to just arriving at the TV via HDMI & using rubbish TV speakers.

  • At the moment I have a HC-800 controller as my main controller.
  • In addition the is a Control4 4-Zone Matrix Amplifier responsible for the Audio around the 4 Zones (2 Ceiling Speakers in each Audio/Video Zone).
  • I have a Wyrestorm 4 Input - 4 Output HDMI matrix distributing HD Video & Audio to the 4 TV's in the 4 Zones.
  • I have at each TV a networked HC-200 controller controlling the TV via IR.

Should I use the Analogue Input of these localised HC-200 controllers and simply feed an Analogue Out of each TV into each HC-200?

Otherwise should I break into the HDMI signal at the Matrix end to separate out the Stereo Audio as Analogue to feed into HC-800 or C4 Amplifier?





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I would not extract the audio after the hdmi matrix. I would do it after the device - before reaching the hdmi matrix.

Appe tv > hdmi audio extractor > hdmi matrix > TV

Roku > hdmi audio extractor > hdmi matrix > TV

Then feed the analog audio to your audio matrix and make the right connections in composer pro.

As msgreenf already mentioned: there is a chance you end up with lip sync issues.

I have this setup at my house and have zero issues. But every environment is different.

Happy New Year! :)

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the fool proof solution would be a large enough audio switch to handle everything you have

not know much about your system i can assume

you have 4 video devices.

you have 2 audio outputs from the hc800

you likely have one surround sound zone

so at the minimum you would need a 6x5 audio matrix.

i personally use an 8x8 from Keydigital

every device feeds audio to the the audio matrix and video matrix separately

this will give you a no compromise setup and ensure the best compatibility of audio and video sync as well.



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