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New Home C4 Home Theatre / Multiple Room Audio



I am building a new house and I need some advice / validation of an intended setup - if the combination of equipment will work with the control4 gear I am getting

Requirements were;

1. Listen to music in bedroom, dining, living, kitchen and outdoors (5 audio zones) - preferrably Apple Itunes (Cloud) Music

2. Watch multiple Video Sources (TV, Foxtel/Cable TV, DVD, Apple TV) in Home Theatre (Projector with full atmos audio), Living Area, Kids Play Room and Main Bedroom (4 Video zones) 

3. Video Intercom 

4. Security POE Camera Setup (4 external camera, 2 internal)

All of the above controllable via remote/ipad/iphone - Control4 Systems

I've attached a diagram of the setup (without security cameras)

Room by Room Gear;

Home Theatre;

5.1.4 Speakers - mix of B&W and Paradigm

Epson ls10000 Projetor

SR260 Remote


5 HEOS Amps to connected to 5 pairs of ceiling speakers in each of the 5 audio zones around the house

Lots of network equipment (48 port switch, 8 port POE switch, wifi router, telco modem) 

Oppo DVD Player UDP 203 (connected to hdmi matrix)

Apple TV (connected to hdmi matrix) 

Control4 EA3 Controller (Main controller)

Marantz 7011 AVR (with inbulit HEOS with room for extra 2 zones)

Bluestream 4x4 HDMI Matrix - still not sure if I need this or if I should get a control4 version capable of 4k

Living Room 

Samsung or LG 75 Inch 4K TV (Still havent decided on brand - not sure which works best with Control4)

Pair Paradigm Speakers connect to HEOS Amp in Garage 

Apple TV + Remote

Control4 EA1 + SR260 Remote (this is in addition to EA3 located in garage, idea is for the additional controler is for the remote located in living areas to be close to a control unit) 

Front Door 

Ring Intercomm 

August Doorlock & August Keypad

Kids Toy Room

Old Pioneer Plasma TV - this thing is still a god!


Pioneer DVD Player 

Main Bedroom - pre wired for future expansion

Outdoor Room - Pair Paradigm Speakers connect to HEOS Amp in Garage 

Dining Room - Pair Paradigm Speakers connect to HEOS Amp in Garage 

Kitchen Room - Pair Paradigm Speakers connect to HEOS Amp in Garage 

Now the questions: 

1. HEOS or Sonos? What works best with Control4

2. Control4 Audio Matrix ??? Since I need 5 audio zones (currently planned with multiple HEOS amps) would I be better of with control4 audio matrix?  

3. Apple Music - Cloud - Itunes Match - how to play with Control4

3. LG or Samsumg TV's? Which best integrates with Control4

4. Does Ring work well with Control4

5. Does August work well with Control4

6. Will Control4 work with PS4

7. Whats the range of the remote - I was told by an integrator that I needed a second ea1 unit at the rear of the house in the living room, one to be close to the remote

Thanks In advance Gurus and Wizards! 

Home Theatre v2.jpg

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This is going to be short but


1. Both/neither. Heos does not support Apple Music. 

2. I would buy the 8 zone matrix amp

3.  Shairbridge or sonos

3b.  Doesn't matter, you better off buying some $50 rokus if you were planning on using built in apps  

4.  This are ways to integrate, have not used. Check out doorbird

5. No clue 

6. C4 will not operate PS4 but there are work arounds using wemo outlets and @alanchow driver 

7. Depends. In lieu of another controller you could buy a couple lights or card access makes a good zigbee ranger extender (when it stays online)


recommended: buy an 8x8 matrix


good luck

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1. HEOS seems to be he new favourite. (Can of worms just opened somewhere)

2. Depending on how many different streams that you want at the same time will determine this. If it is only one station or two at one time, I would recommend using the Control4 audio matrix and "dumb" amplification. Instead of the heos amps. This will allow you to add many more sources of analog inputs from the cable boxes and so on. The overall price point will be almost the same.

3.a. The simplest and most reliable way to do this is with the iTunes driver from Control4. However this means that you must have a PC or Mac running iTunes whenever you want to browse the music or play it.

3.b. Samsung and LG both are bulletproof with infrared control. However, it seems that LG has a lot more features if you use the new web OS 3.0 driver in this thread. LG TV IP Driver - Released


4 . The ring doorbell works well as a stand-alone device. However there is no direct integration with Control4. You need to use the IFTTT driver along with some configuration to allow any sort of use. I would recommend something else like the doorbird with a Houselogix driver that will give you a little better overall integration. https://www.houselogix.com/shop/search?q=Doorbird

5 . The August does work. However it is only the ability to control the lock and to see if the lock is open or closed. No keypad integration or user code programming. You will also need a driver from this post. JUST RELEASED: August Smart Lock Driver. https://r.tapatalk.com/shareLink?url=http://www.c4forums.com/index.php?/topic/19805-JUST-RELEASED%3A-August-Smart-Lock-Driver&share_tid=19805&share_fid=76380&share_type=t

6 . As knowitall stated. No direct control.

7. Agree with know it all. The remotes will never function perfectly without some sort of a mesh being created by various other zigbee devices.

Happy Automating!

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If you have to have Apple Music, then Sonos is a better choice. Even though the integration with Control4 is limited, the Sonos driver is more stable than Heos.

I would consider a true 4K projector. The Epson LS10000 is 1080p.

What are your preferences when it comes to aesthetics for the Home Theater speakers?

The Ring doesn't fully integrate with Control4. Doorbird or Control4 DS2 are better choices.

Consider a Control4 4K Video Matrix.

A Yale Lock with touchscreen is a better option than August. It has better integration with Control4.

If you don't care about Apple Music or Spotify, then using the Control4 built-in Music Server is another option. It would require a Control4 Matrix amp.

Consider adding Control4 lighting.

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 - Nothing wrong with the Bluestream matrix - the V2 matrix series is 4K HDCP 2.2, used them on a few projects and had no problems. Very good value for money!

 - Agree with the EA-1 in the Living Room, nice to have on screen interface in there.

 - The Home Theater has a SR-260, is it close enough to the Living Room to connect to the EA-1. Not good to rely on an EA-3 in a metal rack for ZigBee connection.

- Interestingly I have been hearing rumours that Legrand NuVo are planning Apple Music integration ... but if it's anything Apple that could be a loooooong time. Personally I think NuVo has the best integration with C4 at the moment. I use it and really like it, sounds better than Sonos too (in my opinion, but it is playing through Linn Katans)

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