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  1. Yes just as long as the Control4 switch is the non-dimming one.
  2. I'm assuming you are using an iPhone. Is it set to switch off WiFi when the screen is off? I tested on Android and connection to the system (locally) is under half a second from opening the app. The phone 'sleeps' after 30s of no use and then the app takes about 3s to connect.
  3. I'm converting / upgrading a Lutron install that has 20 Palladiom keypads to Control4 keypads. This is UK square keypads, various button configurations, but mostly 8 button. System was installed by Lutron specialist and customer hates the keypads now, specialist won't take them back. If anyone is interested in a bulk buy or some of them please PM me in the first instance. Client is only trying to cover cost of new Control4 keypads and faceplates. Will add pictures a bit later. Cheers, Steve
  4. Couldn't you just buy a 5V PSU rather than a new (old) HC-300? If you bought an enclosed one like a laptop PSU ... something like a 20W one would do. I did something similar to an HC-300 years ago and it still plods along quite happily. The 300s are great for those low speed automation tasks
  5. Brilliant! Thanks again David, This driver has opened up so many possibilities for Control4. I dislike using cloud based services and a Pi running Mosquitto and Node-RED give C4 access to so much IoT content. You need to have a 'Donate a beer button' ... if I use the driver on a project I will charge them a 'quality beer' fee and pass it on. You already have one in the tap! 👍
  6. Thanks David, That's seems to have done the trick. Didn't see in documentation (which means it may be obvious and I'm dumb), what is the difference between DEVICE MESSAGE and GENERAL? Cheers.
  7. Hi David, Not sure if something has changed with the driver or it's me, but I'm not seeing messages from topics on the MQTT Driver properties page. The Sonoff relay driver is showing connected to broker and control works. I'm using a Pi as a MQTT broker running Mosquitto (no username or password) and Node-RED for testing. Node-RED shows the messages from Control4 in debug but sending messages from Node-RED shows nothing in the driver. Topic subscribed is cmnd/# (Sonoff with Tasmoto firmware) Only started messing about with it on Thursday and same settings were working then ... Great driver!
  8. I take it the OP has never tried to use Alexa when you have a Scottish accent? Local radio station is Tay FM, and no one I know can get Alexa to play it ... always goes to a Pakistan Dance radio station!
  9. Hi, the easiest way to get this to work is to power the cameras with a POE switch rather than using the POE on the back of the unit. Then the cameras can be on the same subnet as Control4. You can then add each camera individually to the C4 system as fixed cameras. This also has the advantage that you have access to the camera webpages to adjust them since some of these functions are missing if you do it from the NVR webpages. Means a little more work connecting the cameras to the NVR, but not rocket science. The NVRs are much better controlled with an IR driver you make yourself so you can restrict which button presses are available. I only allow changing camera view (number buttons), cycling view type (PREV), and up, down OK. I also remove the IR from any number button that has no camera on it to prevent the Camera not available pop-up. The NVRs are also pants with other IR codes. It reacts to pretty much anything from LG TV remotes to an old Technika TV from Argos! So cover up the bug receiver well. In my opinion it is a waste of time trying to allow playback and search from a touchscreen or TV. Connect a monitor to the NVR with a mouse, it's fast and will avoid the customer being frustrated. If having the customer in the rack room isn't an option then I locate the monitor in a study or somewhere and HDMI over twisted pair and mouse over twisted pair, works great.
  10. I would be interested, the firmware we have in the UK is a bit different and I haven't been able to get motion notifications working from any of the cameras I've tested. Not that I've really spent massive amounts of time to figure out what was wrong! I also have some cameras from Safire and LTS which use variations on the Hik firmware.
  11. I've been using a Max2Play / Pi based squeeze player for the last 6 months or so and use it every day. I hadn't really bothered with C4 integration as it wasn't really something I would roll out to a customer ... however ... when I thought about it, I've had this thing running for 6 months with no problems and integrates perfectly with Spotify / Deezer / TuneIn and my NAS based music. The app is great and I can make a playlist that includes music from Deezer, Spotify and NAS and they play together perfectly. It's such a stable platform and does everything I want from a music player at a silly price of under £100 for everything! Anyone had any luck with a C4 driver? Would be nice to fire off playlists from the C4 app or touchscreen.
  12. Was playing with the new DSC Powerseries Neo after an install. Thought I would have a laugh and this is the announcement of the homes speakers when the alarm is activated. The internal sounder shuts off so you can hear it everywhere! Not keeping it like this in the actual system Balabolka can be fun! AlarmActivated.mp3
  13. Excellent Alan, I'm starting to update clients to the driver soon. I'm still leaving in an unconnected IR driver just to send the Sky command, can't wait to get rid of the IR
  14. The NVR needs special C4 firmware available from HikVision. Says so in the documentation
  15. Brilliant driver Alan, will be rolling it out to customers. One thing: Am I able to send the Sky button command? It is the fastest way out of any menus to main viewing. Couldn't see it in the driver and all my customers use the # key to get back to full screen viewing. Cheers for another great driver.
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