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  1. Is this Control4 lighting or something else? It can be that the director is not getting the current state of each lighting circuit back from the lighting driver. If all the lights do not report the 0% then the off scene state will never be Active. Some drivers do not report the current light value until a specified polling time and some are just a bit unreliable. In these situations it is sometimes better to resort to programmed feedback rather than rely on the Advanced Lighting Agent.
  2. I read through this with interest ... I did a job recently for a friend of a friend and went down the route of pretty much giving him the equipment at trade on the assumption that he would install most of the kit and I would program it up. Nothing wrong with that, and I was happy to just do remote stuff. He gave me back a EA-1 he said he wouldn't need now ... tested to be knackered! dead as a dodo. Of course it 'was like that when I got it' .. hmmm Decided not to put speakers in a couple of rooms so returned a Traid amp ... a two year old one (which I found on sold listings on eBay) Couldn't be bothered dealing with anything else so cut my losses at a couple of thousand. It's not always the dealer that is trying to maximise return from the customer.
  3. Have you tried going through the watch sequence without the shield attached by HDMI? Attach another device to the HDMI input you are using for Shield, if the same is occurring then it isn't the shield. You could then connect the shield directly to the projector and repeat until you find the source of the 'sleep signal'
  4. Unfortunately, without trying it myself I couldn't say if the control would be good or not. There is too much variation in the implementation of these products, if it has IFTTT then it is much more likely to work with C4, but this requires additional drivers which are licensed. But, if Control4 can tell the blinds to open / close then yes it will be able to do all the scheduling and sunset / sunrise control. You wouldn't need to touch the Tuya app.
  5. I did look at Heos a few years ago, but the stand alone app stank and the C4 integration was poor. Has it improved any? I will ask the question for suggestions in a separate post so as not to hijack Alan's post.
  6. I did mention to the manufacturers that, with a little push, they would have a Sonos killer on their hands. I'm not sure why there isn't any custom install competition to Sonos, all I want is a good value source/amp for £500 that talks nicely to C4 and compatible with major streamers ... but also a stand alone product. Many just too much to ask.
  7. Ah OK, I see the one you mean. The control part of it is Alexa and Google home compatible so Control4 will be able to control it no problem at all. I'm guessing that the Tuya part of it is just a relay based on ESP chip. I'd prefer not to use cloud services to control local things, but it may be possible to flash new firmware and have local MQTT control.
  8. Hi Alan, I've been playing around with a set of speakers for a day or two and they are pretty good. App needs loads of work, but for the price I like them. Are there plans to develop the driver to be able to start playlists, radio stations etc from programming? That would be amazing in a product of this price. Cheers Steve
  9. Hi, Almost all available motorised curtains are C4 compatible in some way. Something like Somfy or Silent Gliss are good options. I would recommend DC motors over AC as the AC motors are much louder than DC. It does need the RF gateway for each of those systems, but this does give you stand alone 'real button' remote controls too. I don't see the point of installing something that needs an app to control when a hard button does a better job (and quicker). After all, you are trying to automate things, not make it take more time. I take it that your are DIYing your C4 system, if so then both the above are easy to integrate. If the two above systems are out of your budget ... then I will have to let someone else help on that one ... I've seen the super cheap systems and they sound like a 747 warming up when they operate, kinda embarrassing if your are showing off your super automated home! I don't think there is a direct Zigbee system available as C4 use a proprietary version of Zigbee Pro that isn't plug and play with other Zigbee devises. Unless SnapAV have something now?
  10. I think the cloud is only for driver updates and installation. I have had a MQTT broker running on a Pi for over a year now with Berto drivers with no issues at all even when the internet connection is down.
  11. Yes just as long as the Control4 switch is the non-dimming one.
  12. I'm assuming you are using an iPhone. Is it set to switch off WiFi when the screen is off? I tested on Android and connection to the system (locally) is under half a second from opening the app. The phone 'sleeps' after 30s of no use and then the app takes about 3s to connect.
  13. I'm converting / upgrading a Lutron install that has 20 Palladiom keypads to Control4 keypads. This is UK square keypads, various button configurations, but mostly 8 button. System was installed by Lutron specialist and customer hates the keypads now, specialist won't take them back. If anyone is interested in a bulk buy or some of them please PM me in the first instance. Client is only trying to cover cost of new Control4 keypads and faceplates. Will add pictures a bit later. Cheers, Steve
  14. Couldn't you just buy a 5V PSU rather than a new (old) HC-300? If you bought an enclosed one like a laptop PSU ... something like a 20W one would do. I did something similar to an HC-300 years ago and it still plods along quite happily. The 300s are great for those low speed automation tasks
  15. Brilliant! Thanks again David, This driver has opened up so many possibilities for Control4. I dislike using cloud based services and a Pi running Mosquitto and Node-RED give C4 access to so much IoT content. You need to have a 'Donate a beer button' ... if I use the driver on a project I will charge them a 'quality beer' fee and pass it on. You already have one in the tap! 👍
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