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Gary Leeds UK

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5 hours ago, Gary Leeds UK said:

Also when someone presses the door bell, can we bring there face on the screen - Like we do with the TV 

Any help would be greatly received 

My answer is not going to be helpful sorry but the answer is yes, it can be done as i have it on mine... but saying that, i was told that we can not have the face turn up on the TV if anyone presses the doorbell, how did you do that? are you using the C4 Door station?

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1 minute ago, Cyknight said:

It's all done in the announcement agent - does require 2.10 for proper pop-up. On TV note that it needs to be an EA controller (to work via the announcement agent).

Oh OK thanks for letting me know, i will need to get in touch with my dealer to update me to 2.10 now.


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47 minutes ago, Gary Leeds UK said:


Are you able to give me a screen shot of your programming of the T3 ?

We do not have a EA controler - We have HC800 - Thinks that's why we can call up the image onto the TV 

You cannot. Unless perhaps you're talking about a pop-up image/snapshot from a camera. If you have a doorstation or doorbird however the intercom will pop up

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59 minutes ago, David Paxton said:

Not without 2.10.

2.10 added Navigation Agent that does what you want, with far less programming. 

Exactly. This was not possible AT ALL on T3 pre 2.10. Not really on EA controllers either, although you could 'work around' it using up/right/etc navigation commands (while possible, it's the definition of a workaround ;) ).

With 2.10, the mentioned agent was added which allows you to do this on T3 screens (and properly on EA screens)

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There were other work arounds pre 2.10 but they were also real work arounds.

For instance I used the communications agent and a spare Touchscreen to institute a call (with auto answer) from the spare Touchscreen to the T3. As long as you set up an alternative camera on the spare Touchscreen and had the alternative camera set to the camera you wanted to pop up, this worked quite well but was a headache to set up and a waste of hardware,

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