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Looking for a Control4 programmer in the Bay Area, CA

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I have a C4 set-up in my home in the East Bay -- installed by Magnolia about 10 months ago.

Need some fine-tuning:

- installing/integrating several more switched and dimmers

- programming more sophisticated scenes (double-tapping, etc.)

- activating two iPhone controllers

- recommending/integrating a real video distribution scheme

Can you help?

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Do you have 4sight?

Where are you getting your dimmers?

(I only ask about the dimmers, because there are some non-working dimmers out there)

Remote programing could be handled with 4sight


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Please get a dealer or C4 certified installer to do it, not some poser on the forums who will probably jack up the whole thing and make it go "boom".

This maybe true but there are no guarantees that the dealers around here won't make it go "boom". Just exploring my options. Thanks for your input.

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I would personally suspect that a dealer who makes systems go 'boom' isn't nearly as likely to participate on forums as a good dealer.

I personally know many (if not quite all) the dealers who participate here, and think you'd be pretty safe going with any of them.

Disclaimer Note: this is *not* a specific endorsement for any of the dealers on here... :)


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