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Nothing playing - all audio is shown as playing but not

Destroyer of Worlds

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Seems all is fine in C4 land, but my issues persist.

Now, C4 is semi-non-responsive.

I can load it (3.13) in Composer HE, but every 30 seconds I get a modal window informing me that "Director is not responding to commands.  Would you like to keep waiting for a response?"

My understanding is I should not reboot C4 while any music is playing or orchestration is playing out as it may lock a driver.

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Dealer came over and noted there was some bug in a recent release affecting the audio matrix.

We turned off allmusic and rebooted C4 and audio matrix.

1. In Composer HE and C4 app I have no music in "My Music"

2. Composer HE is scanning and shows about 50% done but I see no music in HE's audio section where usually there's all my music

3. A "corrupted" mm.db is present in C4's network directory.  It's password locked, however.   The new mm.db is 8 MB and readable, but again won't produce a list of audio.

I'm very upset by this as I rely on my music vs streaming in many scenarios including wakeup and bedtime.

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Not sure if it is related but I am also now having issues.  Through troubleshooting I've found that If i start a second audio session in another room , that new one will work and then if I kill the original session I can add that room into the 2nd session.  Can you check to see if running two sessions works for you?

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