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7" T3 Inwall touch panel stuck on boot (stops on Control 4 splash screen)

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Our customer report of not working 7" T3 panel. We found it stuck on animated Control 4 splash screen (4 in circle is rotating and). I try reset it to factory defaults (via Factory Reset hole button near Mic), but its not work. After I reset panel (via Reset hole) and immediately press Factory reset hole button I see 4 in circle with exclamation in yellow triangle sign and text below: "No command". After I depress Factory Reset hole button I see text "Deleting" and panels reboots. But nothing changes - T3 is still stuck on boot splash screen. I attach  Boot splash screen.

How to repair this T3 panel?


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In system it's wired and  powered by PoE from Cisco SG350 PoE switch. In our office for testing I use 30W PoE+ injector. 

I tried power off/on several times, also as Factory Reset procedure.

It is well known that T3 uses customized Android 5 platform. What is purpose of Micro-USB connector on the back side of the panel? Is there any recovery procedure with USB?

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I don't know about this fault, but since it's an Android device.  Maybe try holding down the power button while powering on the device to see if it goes into bootstrap mode or a firmware reset.  Or try searching in other forums to see what you can do Andriod devices that are stuck in boot loop / logo start.


Hope it works for you - report back.



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Subscribing to this post as I've had two T3's go this way in the space of 2-3 months myself.  First was sent for repair at C4 at a fixed cost of £260, they couldn't fix it and sent out a brand new replacement.  That one was a wall mount using PoE, but I now have a 2nd gone the same way which is a wifi portable unit.

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Same issue here. One of the T3 10" is now stuck in Control4 splash screen. The "Network Configuration" shows "NONE" instead of "Ethernet" like others. There is no IP assigned. 

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Hi. If somebody interesting fixing your touch screen on boot screen C4-TT7 Portable or  C4-WALL7 without Control 4 Dealer send message do fsc720@gmail.com. Cost fixing around 200 pounds, if will be more screen screen to fix possible discount.

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