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3 minutes ago, dinom said:

Are you sure that’s true?  When my dealer preordered my T4 he said C4 wasn’t offering any discounts. I’ll ask him again. 

It's a well documented upgrade program that has been in place for years.  Used to be 10% off hardware and 15% off controllers.  Perhaps dealer is not "enthusiastic" about discounts -)

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To be fair, it's a bit hidden, in that it's not under the dealer page under promotions, but in it's own subsection which isn't exactly 'front facing'

Not so sure how 'well documented' I'd really call it, but yeah it's been around in one form or another for quite some time.

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Last week Control4 released some very interesting new and updated product lines.


1. Chime
Control4's new video doorbell is a beauty. It has
- 5 customizable motion zones
- night mode and IR LED's for clear footage 24 hours a day
- 7-day storage of event recordings
- 5MP HD Camera
- 180° field of vision

It is available in Wifi and POE models in satin nickel and black for $400 USD (before your 15% customer discount).



2. T4 Touch Screen
The T4 is the next generation of Control4 touchscreens. They come in both tabletop and in-wall. The T4 offers 2x the video quality compared to the T3, meaning much higher quality camera viewing for your security cameras and Intercom Anywhere. It has 1920x1200 resolution & dual microphones

The other great benefit is you do not need any different backboxes for the install. It will still fit into the T3 backbox for a quick install.

The 8" In-wall and tabletop are  $1,050 USD and the 10" In-wall and tabletop are $1360 USD and come in black and white. Also eligible for 15% customer discount.
3. Episode DSP Amplifier in 4, 6, and 8 zones

It's a matrix amp and is priced cheaper than purchasing the combination of the Triad 8x8 Audio Matrix and 8x8 Audio Amp.

The new amp has multiple feature:
- Has lots of DSP tuning capabilities
- Is controllable by IP and is OVRC enabled
- Has a subwoofer out for each audio zone
- You can daisy chain multiple amps for larger audio projects

The 4-zone is $1,599.95, the 6-zone is $1,899.95, and the 8-zone is  $2,199.95 USD pre 15% customer discount.
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1 hour ago, AK1 said:

"all Control4, SnapAV and Triad products ordered via Control4 dealer portal." - get your dealer to review the T&C's,

When you elect to participate in this program, you will receive a 15% discount off of dealer pricing across the board on all Control4, Pakedge, and Triad equipment that you install for your customer during their update to OS 3, provided that you commit to provide at least a 15% discount off of MSRP to your end users.1

This promotion is supposed to be used during an update to OS3, as stated above.

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