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Can I use a control 4 keypad without smart wiring?

Home Owner Anon



i have a “smart writed” house right now with control4 keypads throughout. Our tv remotes, alarm system, and lights are all on control4 and controlled by the app/via the internet. 

my question is, can I use control4 keypads on a regular wiring system? I love having the keypads with engravings and that I don’t have 10 switches all on a wall. However, I find the smart wiring and wifi control incredibly unreliable. It is constantly glitching and requires software updates over time. 

i am preparing to build a new home, and was wondering if there is a middle ground where I can wire my house normally but have the engraved keypad (not have ten switches on the wall)? 

anyone know?


thanks in advance 

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10 hours ago, Home Owner Anon said:

 I find the smart wiring and wifi control incredibly unreliable. It is constantly glitching and requires software updates over time.

You're going to need to provide more details about this part.

Smart Wiring? - using Control4 wireless lighting there doesn't need to be any change to the lighting wiring, but there are advantages to reducing 3way devices and a proper lighting plan with Control4 wireless goes a LONG way to reducing the wall clutter goal.

Control4 lighting isn't WiFi, it's Zigbee, your current system may not be setup to the latest recommendations, Zigbee recommended practices have evolved over the last few years. Done right, it's as reliable as anyone else's wireless lighting.

Lighting side of Control4 requires very little in the way of updates, most are related to major interface changes OS2 to OS3, or new products, third party products, or music related services.

Can you install a Control4 lighting only system, that is reliable, and not need updates. Absolutely, up until there's a security type related software instance, possibly with the app, or such.

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Yeah, I would assume 'smart wiring' is meant as audio/video wiring? And yes, you can do lighting only just fine.

That said, audio/video should work fine as well - I can only suspect that the 'smart wiring' is a centralized system, and chances are the issue is more the amp/video matrix itself, not the wiring - or the control system itself

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