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Zigbee network issues

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Hello community.

I have zigbee mesh which contains smart door locks and gercons that are fixed on each door where smart lock is located.

There is next situation: I can successfully control door locks via navigators or C4 touch screens but cannot see gercons (they have OFFLINE status and don’t change OPEN/CLOSED text when door moves). But when I put these gercons directly near C4 zigbee server (which runs on EA-5 controller) – they are restored with ONLINE status and works correctly (display correct status – open or closed – I checked it with magnet). Then, I fix them back to the door – and they are OFFLINE again (in the same time zigbee lock works correctly and have ONLINE status).

How did I added zigbee gercons to project? – I did it directly near C4 zigbee server (of course according to instruction). Checked it (with magnet) to confirm gercons work correctly, and then fix them on the door.

Thus, I have next question: On each door I have zigbee smart lock and gercon to display of that door status. I can successfully control smart lock (and see current status if it was opened/closed manually with keys) but in the same time I see OFFLINE status for gercon, and when I physically move the door – gercon indicator in navigator or C4 touch screen does not change. Why? Any ideas?

One more moment: besides main Zigbee server, which runs on EA-5 controller, I have multiple ZAP that run on CA-1 controller. When I put gercon directly near CA-1 controller, it remains offline and does not change text open/closed when I test it with magnet. But in the same time smart lock, which is connected to that ZAP works correctly. Any ideas? Probably there is same reason of these issues.  

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20 hours ago, mstafford388 said:

Ok, first thing you want to do is get rid of a multiple ZAP setup.  Make each controller it's own ZServer, then reidentify each device to it's closest ZServer. 

I did it and now it works. Thank you for your help.

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