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Status page creation to show status of AV equip?


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What is the best way to see current states of AV equipment.  For example 

A custom button that shows what input the projector is on. 

power status of any piece of equipment

I’ve seen pages that show status of garage doors / security info but what’s the best way to create this for 2-way feedback.  

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You would need custom buttons made for the display of the information, and programming to set those buttons to the specific states.
So a projector multi state driver, that can display for example: off, hdmi 1, hdmi 2, component, etc. and then when projector input changes - if hdmi 1 set projector status driver to hdmi 1 icon. if hdmi 2 set projector status driver to hdmi 2 icon, etc.

And the accuracy will depend on whether the projector, for example, broadcasts or can be polled as to what input it's on, rather than simply logic tracking what you told it to go to.

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If you can't lock down why the projector doesn't switch efficiently, add programming to duplicate input commands to improve the probably it works as intended. You may need a delay to be sure it's awake, and ready to respond.
Or possibly use 1 input on the projector and switch sources at the equipment location instead.

Programming - Room - when video changes: if source is xyz, then projector select input abc

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7 hours ago, paulromi said:

My projector has multiple inputs and sometimes won’t switch to the right one.  My wife can’t get stuff to work and gets mad at me and says it’s too complicated.  Just want her to see a page that shows her all green icons or something 

If it's not switching right, the system certainly isn't getting status info from the projector - so this is a dead end road.


This would need to be fixed in the driver - most likely the power on delay isn't long enough, OR the projector suffers from a common issue: HDMI source disconnect causes the projector to not respond to commands. If so, a delay in front of the input select macros can help.


To give an example of the Projector HDMI issue:

-Receiver turns off, cutting signal, now projector doesn't respond to turn off command

-Receiver switches input while projector is on, losing HDMI signal, causing projector to not respond to iinput change commands

-Sa,me with a video switch....


Note that the 'dead time' can be as long as 3 seconds....


Another question would be, why are you changing inputs on the projector to begin with? Better to have a receiver or video switch take care of switching, leaving the projector on a single input....

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