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Mystery Xmas music session on a set schedule



A week or so ago one of my music zones (Master Bedroom) began playing Christmas music everyday at 4:45PM. The music shows up as a session in the OSD for that room, and I can add that session to other rooms if I choose to do so, or cancel it with "Room Off" on the remote or an Alexa command of "stop music." I am a bit of a novice but I think it is Control4 playing Pandora Christmas music via Sonos in the Master Bedroom. It is not Amazon music because I do not think that would show up as a session. I never added this as a daily scheduled C4 event. I do have several C4 scheduled items, e.g., various shades that open and close based on dusk/down, a towel warmer that goes on and off at specific times in the AM, etc. I checked in HE and these items are scheduled but no music sessions are scheduled. I use Alexa a lot to start and end music sessions in various zones, so I thought somehow this was an Alexa alarm or a reminder. So I cancelled all of those. Alexa tells me there are no scheduled events, alarms or reminders via Amazon Alexa.

Maybe it is one of Santa's elves that wants to get my attention for some reason. Seriously, short of a prank or Santa, any ideas as to where else to look. My wife would love to do this to me, but she has no idea how to do this (I think). Maybe my dealer could do this as a prank, but I do not think he would ever get into my system without my permission (he is a great guy). Thank god the volume is low and the session is not in the middle of the night.

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