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Editing automations in Composer / When > Then



My dealer set up several of automations in When > Then. 

The actions are marked with a padlock symbol.

I was able to add a delay and then some others actions to one of them. These don't have padlock symbols.

I'd like to tweak the delay I added. I don't seem able to change the delay (unless I guess delete all my bits and recreate them?).

Is there a way to edit this simply?

I went looking for these automations in Composer HE but can't find them. Where are they? Is its because they are dealer only?
In this case its actions following a Doorbird button press, but I can't see anything in the properties of the Doorbird in Composer HE.




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Just wanted to clarify that on when-then:

-a dealer doesn't program 'in when then' at all - that is a purely customer pointed setup. 'regular' programmin' is loaded into when-then so it SHOWS in there, but they didn't 'create' it there.

-a dealer doesn't actively 'lock' programming - any programming done defaults to 'dealer' programming, and has to manually be set line by line to 'customer' for it to be editable in when-then As in it's not an active 'act' that you're locked out. And no, that setting does NOT apply to HE

As to the (not) seeing it in HE, you may just be looking in the wrong spot, OR if it's a doorbell chime, it's part of the settings (ie it's not programming, it's a driver setting)

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1 minute ago, JamesPB said:

Thanks for the clarifications Cyknight, useful to know.

The event trigger has a C4 icon with text: "When Doorbell on Front Garden › DoorBird has been pressed"

Doorbell on Front Garden should be the room. DoorBird is the driver you are looking for.

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