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Luma Nvr goes offline


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I have had the same thing occur sporadically since I got the Luma 510 4-CH NVR 4 years ago. I run IE on my 2nd monitor, with my 4 cameras showing in real-time. Randomly I hear the 'beep' that indicates the Luma is rebooting, the camera feed is lost, and I have to then log back in to display the feeds once again.

Initially I had them replace the Hard Drive. No change in this behavior. I later had them replace the entire unit. No change in this behavior. I can go a week or two without any reboot, or it can happen several times in a day. I've learned to just live with it, 'first world problems.'

If there is any known cause and fix, that would be great.

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In a post-retirement career, I am actually working for a dealer (mainly in non-Control4 areas, like the madVR Envy video processor), and have explored this extensively with Snap. They were very responsive, resulting in their replacing the HD and the unit itself.

I've basically just accepted this as something I have to put up with, and only posted now when seeing someone else with what sounds to be a similar problem.

Because the NVR reboots successfully on its own, it's not a major problem. I'm only aware of it because I'm at my PC quite a lot of the day, and both see and hear when the NVR reboots. If that wasn't the case, I wouldn't even know about it 99.9% of the time.

I'd love to resolve this, but suspect that's not going to happen.

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