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Consensus on Halo remotes vs Neeo ?


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I'm using a Neeo to control two rooms right now, a theater room with projector, TV, various sources, etc... and also an adjacent exercise room with just a TV and Apple TV. This works reasonably well but I have to swap between the two rooms periodically, so was considering adding a Halo remote for the theater and then moving the Neeo to dedicated use in the other room. So just trying to understand if the current view on the Halo remotes and if they are a definite step up from Neeo, etc. Appreciate any thoughts on this.

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Unequivocal upgrade in pretty much every way, apart from a couple of negatives if I were to nitpick for completeness: (RE Halo Touch, wife decreed the non-touch ridiculously huge so the decision of which we would be replacing the remotes was made for me)

- I've found the battery life lacking compared to the Neeo - need to make sure its docked after every use/day whereas I could leave the Neeo off the dock for a few days.

- It doesn't feel nearly as expensive and delicate as the Neeo, so your father-in-law is more likely to casually toss it onto a wooden coffee table after use.

- The screen feels laggy. No more (or less) laggy than the Neeo, but for a device released in 2022 I would have liked a little more effort into fluidity and getting closer to something resembling the smartphone experience.

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I have 2 Neeo remotes i use, and I'm really happy with them. I primarily use media streaming devices so I don't have a need for the numeric pad, so the condensed simplified physical button layout is a plus for me. My only issues is that one remote occasionally gets hung up and requires basically a factory reset, and the other will occasionally require a reboot when it hasn't been used for a while (usually a couple weeks).

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